Back Pat

Can’t get that dread,

From under your skin?

Seems embedded there,

So deep within?


You feel such guilt.

Doesn’t go away.

Like a carpet stain,

That just won’t fade.


No amount of cleaner,

Or sudsy soap,

Seems to wash it away,

Feel you’re losing hope.


Still, must not let it,

Of you, get the best.

So you made a mistake,

You didn’t pass the test.


So try again,

And, again if you must.

Until you succeed,

In yourself, should trust.



You’ll feel such freedom,

Possess integrity.

You’ll improve your life,

And, its quality.


For, you’re unique,

Different from the rest.

Walk away from guilt.

Take life on with zest.


Cheer yourself on.

Pat yourself on the back.

Pretty soon you’ll be,

Right back on track.


  • orchidee

    A fine write WBL. Can't ignore advice from a cat like that!

  • Christina8

    A great poem with a positive message! Wonderful job!

  • Michael Edwards

    A mistake is in past - learn from it and move on - love the message.

    • WriteBeLight

      Right on Michael! Thank you :)

    • malubotelho

      A wise write and message. Lovely done. Excel

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks malubotelho! I appreciate it :)

      • dusk arising

        Great stuff. You can't win them all and sometimes you do something that is simply wrong. Been there, done that, got a rainbow of T shirts. Good write.

        • WriteBeLight

          Thank you dusk arising! Great comment :)

        • myself and me

          I will let the cat pat my back and I pat my chest.
          Love the positive attitude to deal with failure in the life.
          Thank you.

          • WriteBeLight

            I appreciate that M & M. Being positive is the best approach, in my opinion. Have to learn and try to find the lesson. :)

          • Goldfinch60

            Good write and very true, mistakes in our lives happen but they all add to our experiences and with experience we can move on.

            • WriteBeLight

              So true Goldfinch! Thank you so very much.

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