I STARTED when I was only SEVEN
GOING off ~ the 1.5 meter Springboard
HIGH enough for a front or back summersault
BUT NOT ~ too high for comfort ~ The 5 was a bit
OUT of my reach ~ so my next goal was the 2.5 meter
A BIT daunting at first especially if you belly flopped ~ painful
READY for more height ~ & two tight summersaults
Down & DOWN you plunge entry must be right !
DIVING of the edge to begin a race is OK
I ALWAYS did that naturally If I swam
VERY EASY for most people but
I FOUND the ten meter board
NOT EASY so alas I never
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My favorite pastime would have to be hiking
A fun activity to do like Brians diving
To be surrounded by the desert skys lovely lighting
and seeing the mountains in their glory is enticing
Climbing mountains challenges me to be better
that's why I do it in any sort of weather

I love to sit,
On the porch and just gaze,
Out toward the meadow,
Contemplate my day.
What I could do,
To use my time wisely,
To work and to play,
To treat others kindly.

There is so much to do for pastime
Shuffling words is my favorite game
Reading poem on MPS is a lot of fun
Leave comments and make friends
Playing cards over weekend
Time fly by like a second
Reading a book
Try a new cook
So much

Problems with cold induced urticaria
prevent me from wanting to travel
to the Arctic, Antarctic, the Alps and Siberia.
so give me the lands of the elephant and camel
or anywhere that's hot will be okay by me
where I can relax write and paint all day
that's just the kind of place where I want to be.

A favorite past time for me is to go to one of our lakes with my float.
Along with a picnic basket and a cooler to tote.
To bask in the sun and watch the children as in the water they play.
This is most fun on any summer's day.
In the cooler of months take me to the woods for a long hike.
To my heart and mind such a relaxing delight.
An occasional glimpse of a forest animal or two.
It is certainly one of my most favorite things to do.
A flower garden in full bloom brings beauty for all to see.
Come one, come all and play in the soil with me.

Riding my bike along a curving way
Or along the sunny ocean bay
Makes my heart beat go much higher
And gives me the peace I do require
All the daily worries are gone away
Making this a wonderful day

CHESS is a Universal Game ~ So if
I TAKE my Chess Set with me I can
PLAY ~ anywhere in the World. You
ARE also Universal and understood.
I LEARNED to play when I was seven
AND still learning No two games are
REALLY the same and so that is its
ATTRACTION It only takes about one
WEEK to learn and it will give you
a lifetime of JOY and PLEASURE !
Please add your POEM asap ~ BRIAN

Hacking - Hood.
Computer hacking
Cyber jacking
Data stacking
Online attacking
Code cracking
Keyboard tapping
Anonymously hijacking!

Fishing is one of the few things
that make my heart sing.
The quiet of nature surrounds
And Gods presence abounds
I love being outdoors
where I don't get bored
Fishing is my favorite retreat!

MOUNTAINS in the UK are modest
ONLY BEN NEVIS ~ Scotland over 4000 ft
USUALLY We climb up and down in one day
NEVERTHELESS We were the Team that climbed
ALLOWING A Kiwi and a Sherpa to plant the UK FLAG
I THINK that is a good example of British Sportsmanship
NOWHERE in the World beats the Lake District for scenary
SNOWDON in Wales is another iconic Mountain ~ awesome views !
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add your Poem ~ or a second ~ BRIAN
This POEM is an Acrostic of the key word M O U N T A I N S ~ OK
Also ~ in case you did not notice ~ it is structured as a MOUNTAIN !

Rowing in my kayak out on the ocean
I feel a rush, and enjoy every motion
I row the kayak with sweet precision
to be far from shore is my mission
My muscles will burn - they will ache
But I continue on for my minds sake
There is a feeling of peace that overcomes me
when I am alone with my kayak roaming the sea

BRIDGE is played worldwide by millions of players. All
RECEIVE 13 cards. There's four players named N S E & W
I PLAY with a PARTNER and make bids ~ based on my hand
DEALER bids first thus ~ S 1 H ~ W 1 S ~ N 2 H ~ E 2 S etc etc
GAME is played very seriously ~ A very Good Bridge Partner is essential
EVERYONE should learn to play BRIDGE ~ it is an absorbing & infinite game !
NOTE: N = North E = East S = South W = West N & S and E & W are partners and sit opposite each other. H = Heart S = Spade. This "auction" was won by NORTH ~ 4 Hearts. This meant N & S had to make 10 tricks to win the game Hearts as TRUMPS
Please add another POEM ~ to complete the FUSION ~ THANKS ~ BRIAN `

I love to dance during the day or at night
when the music is on and the setting is right
I could dance with a partner or even alone
at a large party, or when I am at home
Salsa, Merengue, & Bachata are what I love to dance
the way I sway my hips leaves the boys in a trance
Dance with me, and you will have fun
when our two bodies move like one



    A big thank you to all those who contributed your excellent poems to enable SANTITA and I to score a maximum 15 Poems in about 5 days ! A comment on the full package would be welcome. SANTITA will post another Joint One soon and we would value you support again. We are a bit disappointed in how sluggish most FUSIONS are and a great opportunity is missed to mutually share our ODD ODES jointly on the SAME TOPIC. Thanks again for the promptness and excellence of your contributions ~ Love to ALL B & S XOX

  • Santita

    I echo Brians sentiments - thank you to everyone that participated! We enjoyed learning about your favorite pastimes:)

  • Kat

    I enjoyed this fuse very much!! Thank you for the invite. We each have fun pastimes.


      Thanks KAT ~ we enjoyed your Lazy Day by the Lake very soothing ~ Perfect Poem No.7 ! Thanks for taking part. We think the final FUSE is awesome ~ much more impressive than just the sum of the individual Poems ~ the ameliorate each other ! Big hugs from Santita & I ~ Look out fro the next one ~ Love B & S XOX


        HI KAT ~ SANTITA has posted on "Your Dream Job" If you add one we both promise NOT to sue you for "Bursting our Bubble" Mine is on colonising Mars with BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ! Cosmic Hugs ~ BRIAN

      • orchidee

        A fine write by all!

        • BRIANSODES

          Thanks STEVE ~ every Poem is a GEM ~ SANTITA has started another one on "Your Dream Job" ~ why not be Young again and post a Dream ~ PLEASE ~ Thanks BRIAN

        • Christina S

          This was a great fusion. I appreciated the invite to participate! It's fun to learn about each other. Great job by all!

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            We have a new one, Christina. We would love your addition! It is called "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

            Thank you!

            • BRIANSODES

              GO AFTERNOON CHRISTINA ~ Thanks for your comment and very positive attitude to \"The Spirit of Fusions\" ! I have added mine to the new job~related FUSION ~ I want to colonise MARS with BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ! I see SANTITA has already sent you a request (you are on KAT\'s list !). You strike me as a Born Nurse ~ so I guess you would chose that again ~ or perhaps to be a famous BRIAN SURGEON ? By choosing to colonise MARS ~ I would still be a Scientist but working millions of miles away from Home (Planet Earth) ~ The Application Form (from NASA) is directed to Young ~ Single ~ Scientists. Every Blessing ~ We are having a special CHURCH PM for Texas on Thursday Evening ~ Martian Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@@@@@@

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