WL Schuett

Heart of Mercy

heart of mercy 

crying to be heard 

in the dimming of 

dusks  last true light 

and the chilly winds 

of emptiness 

following a trail of tears 

to an eerie blue Twilight 


what we can't forget 

is hidden in our hearts 

buried somewhere behind 

the midnight rains 

between the lilting 

moonlit mirages 

and the lost forests 

tragic last refrains 


heart of mercy 

tolling for freedom 

back from the endless 

assaults on morality 

beating like rain 

on the hollow log 

of a reckless 

and uncertain eternity 


where a red flower 

is damp with dew 

where hatred is lost 

in the cool of the morn 

where the thick limbs 

of the sycamore grew 

where young dreams 

are waiting to be born 

where sundown trails 

like a faithful dog 

where the promise of magic 

is waiting to be revealed 

where sinners fail 

and lovers never part 

where lovers fight on 

and prophets kneeled

where there is still 

mercy in my heart 


  • Accidental Poet

    Oh my, this is an incredibly beautiful poem/painting. Your father was proud of his son I'm sure. Excellent my friend. ; )

    • WL Schuett

      Thanks AP that comment touched me profoundly

      • Accidental Poet

        You deserve it. ; )

      • malubotelho

        Great writing. Enjoyed reading very much, and the paint is stunning beautiful.

        • WL Schuett

          Thanks Malu wonderful of you to comment

        • myself and me

          If you did not say it is a paint, I thought it is a photo. The dew, the flower petal, the color, the contrast all comes perfect.
          Such a heart feeling poem.
          Splendid, splendid indeed.

          • WL Schuett

            Thanks M&M that's really a very nice compliment and I truly appreciate it

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            Your fourth stanza - simply brilliant! The crescendo of wheres works and swells into a cascading degrees of truths spanning the realm of the natural to the supernatural to the crowned jewel - the most brilliant of them all - one whom has found mercy in one's heart. Well done!

            • WL Schuett

              Thanks Gary you really got the essence of the poem I'm glad you took the time to read it

            • Michael Edwards

              A beautifully inspired piece of work - really enjoyed it.
              Beautiful work of art to accompany it - what medium?

              • WL Schuett

                Thank you Michael , this is an acrylic painting

                • Michael Edwards

                  And expertly done.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Very good write, full of love and emotion. The painting is sublime.

                  • WL Schuett

                    Thanks I did get a little worked up writing this and again I'm not sure that I'm finished with it ....

                  • dusk arising

                    Beautiful sentiment. Very moving and inspiring. Pleasure to read. Goes into my favourites.

                  • WL Schuett

                    Thanks Dusk Had a quick read of your poems especially liked arrow will be watching for your poems

                  • rrodriguez

                    The painting, the poem, the crescendo of emotions all coalesce to the zenith of inspiration. Great job!

                    • WL Schuett

                      Thanks rRodriguez I am glad enjoyed this poem I will be stopping by to read some of your poems

                    • BlueDays

                      I am really enjoying your work, both written and painted and the way you match the two together is perfect. Just lovely.

                      • WL Schuett

                        Thanks Blue I am looking forward to hearing good things from you

                      • Fay Slimm.

                        Such a compelling appeal in both painting and poem - so pleased to have found your work here Bill and look forward to reading more of your postings.

                      • WL Schuett

                        Thanks Faye and I shall be reading yours

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