Hurricane Harvey

There is much to be thinking about

in these times of hurricanes and need

We are safe in the Great Lakes

But in Texas, people pray and plead


I know it will take months and years to recover,

but our help and donations are needed now

If I could volunteer my time, I would

If it were only possible somehow


Many Texans don't have a home to return to

Whether rich or poor, black or white

Harvey didn't discriminate, nor did

people rescuing others in their plight


Please pray for the people in Texas

who have been devastated by this.

And that Hurricane Irma forming

in the ocean is a complete miss!


  • Michael Edwards

    My heart goes out to all those involved - fine write Christina

    • Christina8

      Thank you Micheal!

    • dusk arising

      Good to see the spirit of community is alive and well in Texas. Good writing on a subject for our times.

      • Christina8

        I appreciate your kind words, dusk!

      • WL Schuett

        Good write and you can donate everywhere from grocerys to hardware stores to online news ....least we can do for sure

        • Christina8

          Yes, I was surprised to go to Walmart and see them doubling donations. Thanks for your kind words!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks CHRIS for a lovely tribute to those who dwell on the beautiful South Coast of TEXAS. They had everything to live for ~ AND STILL DO ! The Texan Spirit can never be drowned. I remember Praying in 2001 in The Unitarian Church in AUSTIN TX for the victims of 911 and New York ~ my Friends in New York are now asking me to pray for TEXAS ~ AMEN. People in Bangladesh are much poorer and also hit by flood ! However (as you point out) Hurricanes & Floods don''t discriminate ~ they just destroy. The Churches in the UK are all praying (and giving) for TEXAS ~ at this sad and disastrous time. Comforting hugs in the Spirit ~ BRIAN

          • Christina8

            Thank you so much for a wonderful and spirited reply. As an american it pleases my heart that people across the world are giving to people affected by the Hurricane. On the news it said some people had relocated from New Orleans to Houston when hit by Hurricane Katrina, and now they got hit again. So sad. Thanks for your prayers! Hugs, Christina

          • poetboy5454

            It was a disastrous event, however, the unity of Texans as they work together to rebuild what was lost to them. Great ode!

            • Christina8

              Thanks so much poetboy, your comments are much appreciated!

            • myself and me

              Thank you Christina.

            • TN96

              This captures your thoughts well! My thoughts go out to all those that have been effected through the devastation.

              • Christina8

                Thanks so much TN96!

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