I click on the video.
She's so skinny.
Why can't I look like that?
I turn on the tv.
She's so gorgeous.
Why can't I look like that?
I flip through the magazine.
She's so perfect.
Why can't I look like that?
How does she do it?
I try a diet.
I try another.
I want to be skinny.
I run a mile.
I run another.
I want to be gorgeous.
I skip a meal.
I skip another.
I want to be perfect.
I starve.
I'm still not perfect.
I give up on perfect.
I'll just be me.


  • lasergraph

    Being yourself is always best. We usually find those who seem perfect really aren't. There are flaws somewhere.

    • ruby.e

      True, that's the main message of my poem.

    • bwilliams

      This is a message we should all strive to learn, yet I have not accepted being "just me." Great poem!

      • ruby.e

        I still haven't fully accepted it, but everyone should work on it honestly.

      • LM1005

        I'm glad we aren't all the same. And yes media creates unrealistic ideas of beauty.

        • ruby.e

          Social media puts so much pressure on appearance, it just compells people into conformity.

        • LAWLESS

          Loved this one. I was in an asylum with a anorexic model; what a sad person she was.
          My wife is 49 and was fired from her job because of her age. They thought she was unattractive and brought in Disney like beauties(others were fired too). My wife is beautiful inside and out and we should never forget that we all are.

          • ruby.e

            Oh wow that's awful. People shouldn't lose their jobs because they aren't "attractive" enough. It shouldn't matter how traditionally attractive they are. That's really unjust.

            • LAWLESS

              Well it happens, just don't forget how beautiful we all are!!

            • FredPeyer

              Great, great poem, well written and what a good subject matter!
              I decided a long, long time ago, that if people don't like me because of my looks, the heck with them! But social media and advertising does put a lot of pressure especially on younger people who are still trying to find their place in this world. For an old geezer like me it doesn't matter!

              • ruby.e

                Thank you and that's such a good attitude to have about your appearance!

              • myself and me

                I do not think any of them could write a beautiful poem as you. Inside, you are perfect, why care about the outside so much.

                • ruby.e

                  Thank you so much!

                • Goldfinch60

                  Just be you, you are special and unique. Nobody is perfect. Good write.

                  • ruby.e


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