As I attempt to pour out my latest shitty life events,

I'm drinking a cold Coors Light.

I'm also blaring old Taylor Swift.

So yes, just for tonight, I'm going to be that girl.

So here's the update:


My 'boyfriend' 'friend' 'friend with benefit' (I don't even know anymore)

told me that he doesn't see a future together. HA HA

I can't figure out how to apply for a FAFSA loan.

My phone randomly stopped working. (I owe $460 to pay it off)

I have to buy a new phone after I pay it off -$550

My dad literally told me that I was a disappointment the other day.

I owe $350 to fix my most recent car issue.

I have so much homework and so little motivation, I cry. (and it's only week 3)

My aunt gave me $100 and cried for me out of pity.

I got pulled over yesterday. (Only a warning - thank god)

I don't know how to tell my very religious mother that I don't think I believe in god (or God, idk)

I changed my major 5 times in the last two weeks.

I'm disgusted with my body but McDonalds always seems to call my motherf**** name

(and I give into it)

I have zero will power.

I owe the college $4,563.29

I snuck beer into my dorm room because - MAN did I need one.

Point being, I hate everything right now.


So what's the point of the rant about M****'s sad sad life? (I like to remain anonymous)

And I realize that my life isn't that bad.

Yes, it could always be worse - BUT let me have ten minutes of complaining.

I could say something cheesy like 'Keep your head up'

(but that's f***** gay) so I'll leave it at this -

I'm patiently waiting for the shit to pass.

I'm ready for the rewarding, good side of life that my cute Grandma always talks about.

And I'll keep waiting with a cold Coors in my hand, jamming to TSwift, and b******' about my life until I can't anymore.



-xoxo thatgirl



  • Christina8

    Sounds like you are having one hell of a week!! That was quite a rant! I promise you will find MPS a very supportive community. If you need to talk, my inbox is open!

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