Being Again, Tested


Driving by,

Those who walk.

In the morning,

Engaged in talk.


Gentle breeze,

Across them flows.

Oblivious to?

The trouble for those?


Living miles,

Away from them.

Hunkered down,

On their islands.


A terrible force,

Will hit them soon.

Life and property,

They may lose.


But, maybe the walkers,

Are talking about that.

Reminiscing about,

Blizzards, months back.


Trees blown down,

For days, power lost.

When the sky cleared,

Calculated the cost.


Sympathetic to those,

Their hearts go out.

As Mother Nature’s,

The one with clout.


For me, I wish,

Them all the best.

Once again,

We’re put to the test.


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, there is nothing to stop Mother Nature no matter how strong the human race thinks that it is.

    • WriteBeLight

      Unfortunately, true Goldfinch. It is amazing what Mother Nature comes up with in her bag of tricks. She can be kind, and be very angry. In any event, It is my wish that she makes us slow down and think of others. Thanks again!

    • orchidee

      A fine write WBL. True what you say, and a purpose, or in part, to make us slow down, etc. The age of miracles is not over though, even if we may only pray in emergencies! We can but say one - or two. See what may happen.

      • WriteBeLight

        True what you say about praying in emergencies. Great point orchidee and thanks for the positive tone to your great comment!

        • orchidee

          One more thing - and yet, of course, it's all right for us in UK. We're not there in person!

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        • orchidee

          I know we can't just 'pray away' everything we don't like, or don't want to happen. We can't command wind and waves. It's futile for us to try to do it. But there's the story - Jesus calms the storm on the Lake of Galilee......

          • WriteBeLight

            We can pray that we make it through what ever comes our way, I guess. Have to have hope. :)

          • orchidee

            You anywhere near - or near-ish- it yourself? The forecast path of it?

            • WriteBeLight

              We could get something next week, high winds, waves, etc. Keeping an eye on the storm :)

            • Louis Gibbs

              It appears that Mother Nature is becoming more and more impatient with us, doesn't it? Like maybe she's trying to tell us something ... giving us warnings. What could she possibly be upset with us about? Duh!

              • WriteBeLight

                Ha Ha Louis! Yes .... why should she be made at us? :) Thanks so much!

              • lasergraph

                Good write and certainly appropriate at the moment. Mother Nature's fury will always be with us.

                • WriteBeLight

                  That is right as rain lasergraph! Thanks :)

                • WL Schuett

                  This poem says a lot about you , you obviously have a gentle compassionate heart ....love and peace

                  • WriteBeLight

                    So kind of you WL. I was thinking of this as I was driving to work. We had dark skies and just went through really bad thunderstorms which are a remnant of Harvey. Expecting some impact from IRMA, though, but not until late next week. Thanks again for your kind comment!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    It seems mother nature is taking revenge for a certain individuals refusal to accept that there is such a thing as climate change - my heart goes out to all those who are and will be affected by such events.

                    • WriteBeLight

                      The climate is changing, that is for sure, Michael. Hope you are well, safe and sound. We should be OK, but the poor people on the islands are sitting ducks, I am afraid. At least, people in the US can sometimes escape to higher ground, but not all. The "stuff" can be replaced, but not the lives lost, unfortunately.

                    • poetboy5454

                      Nature has no bias but her fury will increase as climate change continues to fuel her. Wonderful, thoughtful write, WBL!

                      • WriteBeLight

                        Great insight poetboy. Thanks!

                      • dusk arising

                        What can we do but watch our screens from afar?
                        Good writing on this frightening subject which has already caused some of out friends on mps to batten down the hatches and wait with a prayer upon their and our lips.

                        • WriteBeLight

                          Thanks dusk arising. I felt I had to put down on paper how in one part of the world there is so much turmoil and while in others, not. And, I am thinking of them all. Appreciate your comment.

                        • LAWLESS

                          Nice sympathetic write. It seems as if Mother Nature's wrath will never cease. Wildfires are ablaze here in the west and I've seen first hand the devastation. Years ago I saw the miles and miles of burned forest and homes. We can only hope and pray that no lives will be taken.

                          • WriteBeLight

                            Indeed James. We are just guests on this Earth and Mother Nature is the landlord. Sorry you had to see and go through such harsh conditions. Thanks for your kind words.

                          • myself and me

                            Thank you and nice writing. Wish them the best.

                            • WriteBeLight

                              Me too M&M. Thanks for your comment on the poem. :)

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