Slumber met an early death,

As I became aware,

Awakening to the aroma of,

Coffee everywhere.


The magic liquid piping hot,

Transforms the very soul.

Rejuvenates my mind as I awake,

And helps me to feel whole.


Some make it without this crutch,

 And some may drink their tea.

But there is no substitute for this,

As coffee wins for me.


Though you can choose another drink,

The best choice you think for sure,

There isn't many morning ills,

That coffee can not cure.


 (C) 2016 Edward York


  • orchidee

    Good write L. Pot of tea for me please!

    • lasergraph

      I think location dictates the beverage to some extent.

    • Louis Gibbs

      Part of my morning ritual, for sure. Good write, lg!

      • lasergraph

        Helps me get my eyes open in the morning. I assumed I was not alone.

      • WL Schuett

        Lol coffee for me too

        • lasergraph

          I guess I am finding out who the coffee drinkers are.

        • Michael Edwards

          Coffee before lunch and tea after and never the twain shall meet. They do both have to be properly made - correctly filtered and not forced - using real tea leaves and made in a pot. Also they have to be savoured. I still totally fail to understand why people buy coffee and instead of sitting enjoying it walk down the road drinking it as they go - mind you such coffee is usually made by Starbucks et al who haven't a clue. Love the write lasergraph.

          • lasergraph

            Thank you. I have been know to drink tea also but not in the mornings. I have to have coffee in the a.m.

          • Tony36

            Great write

          • FredPeyer

            LG, something else we have in common! My eyes are not really open, my mind not really awake, my bodily functions on slow motion, until......YES, my first coffee!

            • lasergraph

              Some of my first taste of coffee was camping with my dad and uncles. The coffee was made in an old granite pot cooked over a campfire. The test of proper strength was to throw a horseshoe in, if it sank, add more coffee.

              • FredPeyer

                That's the horseshoe test. We had the coffee spoon test. You put the spoon in the middle of the cup and if it stays straight up without falling to the side, the coffee is good!

              • WriteBeLight

                I agree Edward! Nice ode to coffee. First thing I do in the morning is make a pot. :) Great beverage.

              • poetboy5454

                Indeed, lighthearted poetry is just as good, stupendous write, though I do prefer water myself.

              • LAWLESS

                Oh yeah, me likey coffee. Perfect ode to that special brew. I have a roaster, bur mill, vacuum container and a multitude of coffee makers. You should try beans from New Guinnea, smooth, rich and absolutely amazing. Drink on my brother!

              • LAWLESS

                I failed to mention the Aeropress coffee maker. It was invented by a chemist, in my opinion and many others, it makes the perfect strong coffee. You can buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $30. I cannot recommend it more highly.

                • lasergraph

                  Sounds like I need to check it out. Thanks for the info.

                • dusk arising

                  Its all been said by my fellow coffee quaffing poetic colleagues here. The writing tho is excellent.

                  • lasergraph

                    I thank you for that. Maybe we should clink cups or something.

                  • Accidental Poet

                    Ok, I gotta be the weirdo in the bunch. Never cared for coffee myself. Orange juice gets my motor running in the morning. And if it's cold out, a hot chocolate is the ticket for me. Great write lasergraph. ; )

                    • lasergraph

                      People like different things but there seems to be a good number of drinkers of the morning Joe.

                      • Accidental Poet

                        We all do what we gotta do to keep the world turning. ; )

                      • myself and me

                        Coffee, can not resist the smell.

                        "There isn't many morning ills,
                        That coffee can not cure."
                        Not only it is good for morning ills, it cure other ill too.
                        Love this.

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Good write and tribute to that wonderful bean that once it has been ground, had hot water filtered through it becomes that nectar that wakens my senses.

                        • lasergraph

                          Those who do drink coffee tend to hold it in high esteem.

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