Thick Skinned

I find myself,

In a situation.

Not of my making,

Or, creation.


Human beings,

Make mistakes.

Most understand this,

Other’s don’t partake.


Some fluff it off,

With a grain of salt.

Other’s point fingers,

Always find fault.


None of this,

Matters to me.

My assignment,

Seek a remedy.


Bring the news,

To whom that’s lost.

Time and money,

The actual cost.


When I do,

I prove my words.

Back them up,

Then move forward.


Next time can this,

Be avoided?


Is then afforded.


No jumping to,

False accusations.

A mature approach,

For all occasions.



There’s always those.

Just can’t get past,

On their face, their nose.


Yell and fuss,

Act like a kid.

Because of what,

Someone else did.


But, don’t go to them,

They yell at me.

“You’re the one,

Behind the catastrophe!”


I stand my ground,

Do my best,

Be sure to wear,

My bullet-proof vest.


Like a duck,

Let it roll off.

My skin will grow,

Like leather, so tough.


I don’t pull info,

From out of my armpit,

I deal with the facts,

And, don’t take any shit.


  • orchidee

    Ah, you're not taking any s...omething! A fine write WBL.

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks orchidee. Have to stand up for yourself, sometimes.

    • Fay Slimm - - (real name)

      Standing up to be counted is best. A good read.

    • WL Schuett

      Right on you're a toughie good for you ,
      Cool poem

      • WriteBeLight

        So kind WL. Thanks!

      • Michael Edwards

        I'll forgive you the 's' word any day - in fact might include it in one of mine - but I'll struggle to compete with this fine write.

        • WriteBeLight

          You are so great Michael! The S word seems to be quite commonplace now. But, I still have a little problem with it in the public sense. :)

          • Michael Edwards

            Surely you don't s**t in public ?

            Oh dear now I'm in your bad books but I just couldn't resist it.

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          • myself and me

            Yea! Good for you. You are a tough bean.

            • WriteBeLight

              I appreciate that M&M!

            • Christina8

              Great write and Good for you, WBL!! I wish I had more of a backbone sometimes.

              • WriteBeLight

                I can tell that you certainly do Christina ! :) Thank you.

              • Goldfinch60

                Good write, we have to be positive in our lives.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Yes, Goldfinch! I agree. You, yourself, I am sure are dealing with a lot. I tip my hat to you sir! Thank you.

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