14% are undernourished

20% live on less than 1$ (US) per day

Millions of Children NEVER attend School

25% of the People in Developing Countries are Illiterate

14% of People live in SLUMS

50% of People lack proper SANITATION

31% of People have no ELECTRICITY

20% of People have no "clean" WATER SUPPLY

30% of "Working Age People" are UN- or UNDEREMPLOYED

In Developed Countries ~ Infant Mortality is 7 in 1000

In Developing Countries ~ Infant Mortality is 62 in 1000

Economic Status for Females is highest in NORWAY

(Lowest are MALI & NIGER ~ USA is 8th and UK is 9th)

Political Status for Females is highest in NORWAY

(Lowest are BANGLADESH & SAUDI ARABIA ~ USA 14th and UK 18th)


Statistics are derived from The GAIA ATLAS of THE EARTH (2005)


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love to ALL ~ BRIAN XOX


Today is my BIRTHDAY (34) and when I counted my Blessings ~ 20

Cards ~ Presents ~ Parties etc. I realised how blessed I was compared

to all those who only exist and are on the breadline. I have a secure Job

I received the best Education on Earth from the age of five ~ I have an OK

car ~ my own Flat ~ good Health (and the NHS) and an expectancy to live

beyond 80 !  Loving Family ~ lots of friends and a reliable PC which helps

me to interact with our lovely MPS Family ~ AMEN. I have visited Africa ~

Mexico ~ Peru ~ The Caribbean etc. to see for myself and I do suporrt The

Developing Countries through the Church. We can make a difference and

close the GAP betwen the HAVES  and the HAVE NOTS ~ Love BRIAN XOX 




  • FredPeyer

    Brian, I think it is important to see these numbers. It is one thing to write them down. So now, WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?


      Thanks FRED ~ I have visited DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ~ Africa ~ Peru ~ Mexio ~ the Caribbean etc to see for myself and support local Communities ~ through the Church. As a Conservationist and Nutritionist I am especially interested in Organisations that seek to ensure people have CLEAN WATER ! which is essential for life ! Every HAVE could do more to help HAVE NOTS! Thanks for focusing the issue ~ BRIAN

    • orchidee

      A fine write B.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks STEVE ~ we can all do more to help ~ BRIAN

      • Frank Prem

        Pretty crap all round Brian. I live in the luckiest place on earth.

        • Michael Edwards

          I feel as Frank does - so fortunate to have had loving parents who provided for me and loved me and now able to do the same for my children - and live in such a great preserved, attractive and protected part of the planet. This write does bring home the appalling misfortune of others so vividly.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks FRANK ~ I have visited AUSTRALIA and it is a wonderful country to live in and most Ozzies seem to have more than enough to enjoy life in the SUN. They are also generous in their AID to Developing Countries. All Australians I have met have been friendly and generous ~ I have relations in Melbourne. Yours BRIAN

          • Accidental Poet

            Happy Birthday Brian. ; )

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks AP ~ I get one each Year but every one is SPECIAL ~ Yours BRIAN

              • Accidental Poet

                Another trip around the sun. ; )

              • Fay Slimm.

                A surprising set of numbers to tell us the state of this planet's inhabitants Brian - - we must all be more aware of the help needed by the many.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Indeed FAY ~ such statistics do bring us to tears and make us realise just how fortunate we have been all our lives ! I know individuals do make a difference and we should ensure we both GIVE and encourage others to GIVE. I normally covenant and donate thru the CHURCH ~ OK Yours as ever BRIAN

                • Christina8

                  Happy Birthday dear friend! Also thank you for educating me on these staggering statistics! I think we need more awareness so we can help the underdeveloped countries. And so sad to see the poor islands in the caribean get trashed by the hurricane. Staggering numbers in this write! Wish we could help! Birthday hugs, Christina

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks CHRISTINA ~ I agree AWARENESS does loosen our Purse Strings and drive us to our knees in Prayer for those born and forced to live in Poverty ! Could your family survive on 4$ per day ? Yes and when the HAVE NOTS are hit by Hurricanes etc it is adding insult to injury. The affluent Countries (USA ~ UK etc) have interfered with Nature and the poorer Countries are reaping the WHIRLWIND ! I feel your BIRTHDAY HUGS & CUDDLES ! and send my Daily Hugs & Cuddles back to YOU ~ yours as ever BRIAN

                  • Azura Nightsong

                    Happy birthday! We all do have to remember that which we have, and how we can help others. Nice poem!

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks for your Greetings AZURA ~ Most of the MPS Members enjoy an above average lifestyle so we all have much to thank God for ! We should all count our BLESSINGS for what we do have ~ and not grumble about what we don\'t ! You can only wear one pair of shoes and one set of clothes (and one in the wash) ~ why do we need more ? Half the World don\'t even own ONE decent pair of shoes ~ i have Female friends that have over 50 pairs ! We should all cry with shame. When i visit Africa I always take lots of materials and exercise books to give to the Schools we visit. African Children are all so lovely and always sing for us when we visit. Remember anything you do to help People in the Developing World REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE ~ Hugs BRIAN (UK)

                    • myself and me

                      Happy birthday. On your special day, you are counting your blessing, and kept those unfortune in you mind, you are a wonderful person with such a warm heart.

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