What Kat found in the wreckage.

dusk arising



Kat Cousteau was in awe of San Tita-nic.

Doubtless she had been a massive vessel.

Judging by the dancefloor in the main hall

the copius San Tita-nic accomodations

had in her time entertained enormous balls

who's members would then spill out onto her poop deck

for recreational gratification and nibbles.

And there, behind the stage, Kat Cousteau found

the bodies of 14 men each with their instrument in hand

one and all boasting a broad sated grin.

So the rumour was true - the San Tita-nics band

HAD all gone down on her that night

Kat Cousteau wondered at

what sweet music they had been making

for such wide contented death grins.

A secret San Tita-nic had discreetly kept.

Above her pursers den Kat Cousteau discovered

San Tita-nics two enormous buoyancy aids.

These melon shaped domes had been designed

to attract attention when unveiled in desperation

and in the event of her needing urgent attention.

any upstanding nautical seamen

would understand the display and respond

tieing a suitable knot or hauling her anchor.

But Kat Cousteau was not to be distracted.

Her mission after all was to bring to justice

those dastardly ice cubes.

They had sunk the San Tita-nic

or so the chilling tale of her demise told.

But truth will out in the end.....

for it is told that Kat Cousteau met with the ice cubes

who told a different tale.

Twas not the ice cubes brought San Tita-nic to her knees

Twas the fifth of Vodka she swam them in.

  • Author: dusk arising (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 8th, 2017 16:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: the continuing adventures of our heroic poetic undersea adventurer continue to astound us with her findings in the wreckage of that well known vessel
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  • Simple-Man87

    Whoa....Whoa. You're absolutely amazing with these. Your ability to put us there, regardless in humor or not, is other worldly. The poems we have the most fun with, tend to be the best. I loved this. Thank you.

    • dusk arising

      High praise indeed, your very kind sir.Somehow i think this is going to run.

    • Mugsdaddy

      What a beautifully twisted mess your mind must be. That was exquisitely funny.

      • dusk arising

        Now thats the kind of supreme compliment i can handle. Thank you.

      • myself and me

        Hahaha. This is much better than the original movie, especially the end.

        • dusk arising

          Yes, i can imagine at the mention of Vodka and her antics our wrecked San Tit-nic needed a stiff one.

        • Michael Edwards

          A real twisted bit of thunk - great stuff dusk.

          • dusk arising

            Beautiful wreckage to explore though.... i'm thinking of having San Tita-nic raised from the sea bed. Thank you ME.

          • Goldfinch60

            Great fun write, the smile on my face is expanding.

            • dusk arising

              Glad u enjoyed it sir!

            • ruby.e

              Somehow you make poems beautiful and humorous, it's great!

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