WL Schuett

Scholarly Wanderers

look to the flowers 

caress the wind 

gentle wanderers 

in natures balance 


while some are weary 

others they frighten 

slapped and trapped 

to many a nuisance 


to others a marvel 

understanding their value

seeing the harmony 

in natures brilliance 


winds are changing 

carrying a burden 

too heavy to know 

till their absence 


scholarly wanderers 

endangered maybe

beyond return 

carried with penance 



lifes elicicers 

for when the queen 

is gone we will miss her


hives are falling 

to a mite that kills ...


what will happen when 

wings that beat 

for a million years 

suddenly fall still ....


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Or you"ll place men and women laborers on ladders hand pollinating with paint brushes as they have done in China (at nowhere near the efficiency of the bee!). Check stanza six for double play of the word "when" (did you intend?)

  • Seek

    If only bees could read this! What a tribute to these buzzing and humming creatures who sustain so much of what is beautiful and so sweeten our lives. A truly wonderful tribute to them.

  • MaddieJ

    I often fear the extinction of bees. I have always been fascinated with how such small little creatures make a global difference in the environment. I hope that we don't destroy so much of our ecosystem, that the bees are no longer.... We should take example from them!
    Great write my friend!

  • Michael Edwards

    Such an important issue so well highlighted

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good and important write. If the bee is exterminated, as we seem to be trying to do, life on this earth will change so dramatically. Once more those who can do something about it cannot see passed their money.

    Yet another fine artwork WL.

  • myself and me

    Got bee sting on weekend. But still love the paint.
    "Scholarly Wanderers"
    Such a beautiful title for a hard working creature.

  • chinaaliciarivera

    Praise to the bees. I mean... as a child i ran from them so they won't sting me. And as an adult i still do. 🙂

    But i love bees. The way they look. When you get a really good look at them, they are kind of cute. They are like little flying furry pets! 🙂

    Good write. I do hope they never become extinct. They are part of life small little wonders. 💕 ❤ 😊

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