WL Schuett

Return to the meadow

I slept out in the meadow 

awaiting your return 

In a campfire the remnants 

of your departure burn 


wondering how how it came to this 

how it got so far 

trying to see through the guilt 

and wondering where you are 


as I watched the treetops burn 

in this lost lonely night 

haunted by the rivers song 

that's rising in the half light 


the frost hit hard 

again this night 

and laid the meadow down 

things that I knew as true 

were scattered all around 


the past was thick everywhere 

In sound and vision alike 

the seconds seem to close in 

coiled and ready to strike 


from desperation to hope 

it only takes time 

or from desperation to hopelessness 

which reality was mine 


so I poked at the embers 

and stirred up the ashes 

adding  fuel to the inner light 

of what memory flashes 


I wonder where you are tonight 

and why you went away 

and if you returned to the meadow 

I wonder what I would say 






  • Michael Edwards

    A soulful cry and another great picture Bill

    • WL Schuett

      Thanks Micheal this painting was one of the first that I ever sold many years ago got 60 dollars for it and thought I was going to be a great artist lol

    • Goldfinch60

      Superb write, the imagery conveys so much emotion.

      A super picture as well.

      • WL Schuett

        Thanks I appreciate you reading I truly do

      • MaddieJ

        I really enjoyed the snapshot created by your words.. This was a stimulating poem! Good write friend!

        • WL Schuett

          Thanks virago glad you read and liked it

        • rrodriguez

          Bill, this is so vividly written. You really spill your emotions bare in this piece. Hope she comes back and still find the fire burning. Great write!

          • WL Schuett

            Thanks r for the feedback most appreciated

          • myself and me

            The lonesome tree, standing there, with hope, with expectation, with its arm open, is waiting.
            "and if you returned to the meadow
            I wonder what I would say "
            Nothing but hold her tight.
            a melancholy paint with a melancholy poem.

            • WL Schuett

              Exactly hold tight no words needed , thanks M&M

            • chinaaliciarivera

              You could seriously narrate this poem over a strip of a movie i am serious. This poem could win contests! Seriously. I know a good poem when i read it. This is good. It gives the mind a good visual. I loved it. I hope you are planning on or already have composed a book. If not, you should write a book sir! Nice writes. Good rhyming. Good structure. Good scenery setting in the poems words. It really sets a scene in your mind with clarity. Nice. Keep up your writing. It is definitely a gift you have. 🌠 💕 💗💕 ❤ 😊

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