Edward Charles McDevitt

An Apology

I go onto this site so I can look and see,

Any comments that have been written about me.

The first thing I should do when coming on this site,

Is to go and look at another person's write.

Selfish am I when doing stupid stuff,

I realized today that I have had enough.

Of my egotistical ways by thinking of myself,

Instead of putting your words tucked neatly on a shelf.

Today is the day that I'm changing what I do.

From now on I'll be thinking first of you.

Embarrassing as this is for me,

Just trust me you wait and see.

Comments on your writes you'll receive,

That's one thing you can believe.

I'll put you there before myself,

Take those words right off the shelf.

Read and comment on what I've read.

Not looking for my own instead.

Please forgive my childish ways,

Look forward to our future days!


  • daisychain

    I think it's perfectly normal to wonder what people think of your poetry, especially when first new to a site. I too, have done that (not that I've written much), but I like what you have written.

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      I agree Daisy.. Although it is normal, today I reflected on that and found it egotistical of me.. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it so!!!

    • orchidee

      Well, I admit I do sneak on some days, and look at ME first - comments on MY poems! Some days I look at comments on others poems first.
      I think It's OK, as long as we don't get obsessed. The problem may be if we NEVER read any one else's poems! doh! (lol).

    • orchidee

      Meanwhile - hey , I have to look first at comments on MY poems. Yes, yes always! Someone may have married me off to Kate Price (if you see KP there)! A hideous botox celebrity in the UK. heehee. In the papers nearly every day, etc, etc.

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        In response to both of your posts Orchidee, I'm happy to see that I am not the only one out there. And to the comment about KP, good luck with that!!! lol...

      • Louis Gibbs

        An admirable confession of human nature, and an equally admirable goal you set. Congratulations, Edward!

        • Edward Charles McDevitt

          Thanks Louis! It means a lot to me in the words that you chose to write.. I'm glad that I could sit back, take a look and see what a selfish person I HAD been!!!

        • Michael Edwards

          Don't berate yourself - we all fall into that trap from time to time. Just remember there's nothing wrong with looking forward to see what others say about your work - speaking for myself this encourages me to write more and try out different work. One of my very few complaints about this site is that few are able to break out of their particular style and the site does get a bit 'heavy' at times hence my more whimsical pieces. By the way I do wish there was a discussion forum on this site where we could exchange ideas such as these..

          However you do only get out what you put in and if you don't comment on others work you will soon find your own comments will dry up. Having said all this I really do enjoy reading the work of others (which can also be equally inspirational) and leaving comments. I look forward to this as much as I do reading my own reviews and the friendships struck up are also helpful and make this a great community.

          Your gracious apology accepted but not necessary. . Look forward to seeing more of your work.

          • Edward Charles McDevitt

            Thanks for your comment Michael. I, too, agree that there should be a place where we can go and discuss issues among ourselves. I thought I would see that in the "Community" section but, as I found out there is none! I felt the apology was necessary and I thank you for saying none was needed. It felt good to get it off my chest.. Thanks again Michael...

          • FredPeyer

            Edward, I completely agree with Michael. He said everything I had in mind to say, but much more eloquently than I could have done!
            The one thing I would like to say about comments is that everybody on this site is soooo friendly, and soooo kind. Sometimes toooo friendly, and toooo kind. I for one wouldn't mind some constructive criticism since it would help me improve my writing. But, having said that, I am only human and take a compliment with pleasure anytime! ;-)

            • Edward Charles McDevitt

              oddly enough, I feel the same way Fred. I, too, have expressed the need for criticism and have received none! And I also agree that there should be a place on this site where we all can discuss issues among ourselves. I'll try and send a message to the Administrator of this site. Who knows? We just might get our wish!!! Thanks for the comment Fred, I appreciate it so much!!!

            • Christina8

              No, that's how we all learned on this site. How our replies started to dwindle and then it hit us, oh yeah, we gotta leave feedback on other poems too! Really great write!

              • Edward Charles McDevitt

                Thanks Christina! Yes, I've finally seen the light and am changing my ways. You'll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming days. I appreciate your comment Christina!!!

              • Goldfinch60

                It is good that you write on this site, I do try to comment on poems, I think it is only fair to see the words of other poets. I admire your confession and look forward to your renewed enthusiasm.

                • Edward Charles McDevitt

                  Goldfinch, thank you for your comment and boost on my enthusiasm. I'll try and not let you or others down. I also look forward to more of your writes! Thanks again!!!

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