Edward Charles McDevitt

An area so

minute, yet

so vast that can

be occupied by



  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, space within our minds is infinite.

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      Thanks Gold.. I never put it in that perspective, but I know what you mean. Thanks again!!!

    • orchidee

      Somewhat like this poem, in fact!

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        I guess you could say that Somewhat is better than Nonewhat!!! Thanks!

      • Michael Edwards

        It's a real gem Edward

        • Edward Charles McDevitt

          Not my best work, but yes, I appreciate the comment! Thanks Mike!

        • FredPeyer

          Beautifully said, Edward! It can be infinitely small or infinitely large. This is right down my alley, got me thinking, had to make it a favorite!

          • Edward Charles McDevitt

            I'm glad you enjoyed it Fred. Just as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks!!!

          • Edward Charles McDevitt

            Thank You everyone! I'm sorry it took so long to reply and I hope this gets to all of you. I had pneumonia and a heart attack. I'm going to try one today and see where it goes!

          • orchidee

            As Goldie says - yep, space within my mind is infinite - a vast expanse of nothing there at all, a total blank?! heehee.

            • Edward Charles McDevitt

              That\'s so true Orchidee.. I\'m working on a piece right now that is SO challenging! The words are there, but trying to put them in an order that would be song-like material is just overwhelming for me!!!

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