In the night

The one time I want to write so fucking bad and no words fall out,

When I need to express instead of lying down being depressed.

I have homework to do there's no time for this!

But the hammer hitting my heart, the bullet that can't miss, it's driving me insane and I wonder if this pain will go away, this pain I shouldn't be feeling, I'm healthy, I'm alive, nothing bad with my life.

I can be happy, but right now im not and there's no reason why and every now I'm not expressing myself Right. I'm not saying what I want to say because my mind is pulling blanks. Like now, I hit a wall and writting this I'm setting myself up to fall, why I'm trying this I have no reason at all and I can't continue,

Time to lie awake staring at the ceiling, that homework almost as empty and incomplete as I feel now.

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