Forgetting to Live

By: Hunter Christian


May we just sit and talk,
for a while please?
Perhaps an evening walk;
if I can awaken these old tired knees,
and aching back too

The older I have gotten;
the greater the pain grew,
And, all I have forgotten;
make memories too few,

Remembering sunrises,
sunsets, and morning dew,
fading from me now,
still cling to the ledges of my mind somehow –

Although, I canvas, I study, your familiar face;
I cannot remember you
Your lines I desperately trace;
still, recognition fails to breakthrough

So much slower goes my pace
Oh, how I wish to start anew
Can I remember your embrace?

I'm the forgotten soul forgotten

Forgotten are the wars I fought in
Forgotten are my labors labored
Forgotten are the loves I savored
Forgotten are my friends and neighbors

I am the forgotten, forsaken, forlorn
From my mind, my memories have been shorn
So, at the breaking dawn of this past morn;

To the ghosts of all those forgotten, forsaken, and forlorn,
I did wantonly give,
my last and final memory given;
when I had forgotten how to live.



  • Laura🌻

    This is so relatable! My uncle, a brilliant man...a civil engineer and architect to be exact...was reduced to the condition you’ve described in your poem.
    “From my mind, my memories have been shorn...” says it all for my uncle...Alzheimer’s took him over!!

    • HChristian74

      Thank you for reading and for your feedback. The man who inspired this piece was a great man, a civil engineer too, and a builder of bridges. By the time I had the pleasure of knowing the man, he was at this difficult station. It has taken me 20 years to find the words that remind me so fondly, and sadly too, of C.H., a man I will never forget. He built bridges. We can all build bridges if we choose I hope. Warmest regards Laura.

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful write, this is happening to my wife at the moment.

      • HChristian74

        My heart aches for you and your dear wife; as I surmise you smile often thinking about the amazing person your wife is, and how much she has positively impacted the world around her. I would never be as presumptuous to write that I understand how you feel my friend, but as a human being who wishes to empathize, I hope you know that I will always do my best to empathize with everyone affected by this tragic disease. Best regards,

        • HChristian74

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        • Michael Edwards

          Many of us have been touched by this - with me it was my father. So well expressed.

          • HChristian74

            Thank you for sharing your life with us and I hope, to some degree at least, this piece reached you in a good way. Best regards,

            • HChristian74

            • Louis Gibbs

              This beautiful write speaks to all of us who have experienced this sad condition in a loved one. Well done, Hunter!

              • HChristian74

                Dear Louis,
                Thank you for taking the time to read this piece and provide feedback. I appreciated greatly. Take care,

                • HChristian74

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