Accepting Regret

I no longer see the numbers on the clock upon the wall, my feet are right below me but they can't prevent the fall 

My mind is clouded over from all the drinks that I have drank, like the proverbial fish out of the water I'm in an imaginary tank 

The world is always watching me but all I see is haze, the pills are kicking in as I fall underneath your gaze 

Now I smoke a little pot as I grow stupider and dumb, but the pain is still pulling at me even though I'm Comfortably Numb 

Running away in my mind won't relieve my evil sins, and if it's Comfort to my Victims they'll torment me in the end 


  • Goldfinch60

    Comfortably Numb is a good state in which to be and a wonderful Pink Floyd song.

    • Mugsdaddy

      Great way to feel sad way to live..

    • Candlewitch

      oh my, mugs! if ever anyone needed a is you! I've been there too!

      *hugs, Cat

      • Mugsdaddy

        If that hug is coming from you... I'll take it.

      • WL Schuett

        Truth , regret can cripple you till you make amends , good poem

        • Mugsdaddy

          Thank you I appreciate your comments

        • Michael Edwards

          Well writ Mugs

          • Mugsdaddy

            Thanks Mr. E

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