Frank Prem

rules (are only guidelines)

he woke to find the world had moved
as if rent by a seizure
while he slept


where the city ran before
was the lapping of waves


the mountains there
were nearer
the distance
some way further off


everything remained familiar
but displaced


and in his mind an echo
a suggestion that he’d lived all this before
in a half-forgotten instant
that occurred while he was unconscious of it


how strange
to find his dream made real
how odd
if he should happen to be sleeping yet


the earth beneath his feet
seemed fully solid
he could feel the nothing that is air
with each breath he inhaled


every single thing the same
but everything quite altered
a playing piece unexpectedly moved
in some cosmic game


everywhere he looked
the rules had changed




  • orchidee

    A fine write again Frank. Is Frenk still about?! lol.

    • Frank Prem

      Hi O.

      He's not writing at present. There are still a couple of poems from his pen. They may surface on another day. Cheers.

    • Michael Edwards

      Well writ. There is only one rule in my world: There are no rules.

      • Frank Prem

        And make sure you enforce it fully, Michael. Cheers.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, the world as we know it is only in our mind and minds can change.

        • Frank Prem

          Thanks GF. All illusion, isn't it?

        • Louis Gibbs

          I simply love this one, Frank! Too me it describes the dream of "reality" we are dreaming, and how we dream a new one with each lifetime. A fav for sure!

          • Frank Prem

            I'm honoured Louis. Thank you.

          • LAWLESS

            I have experienced what you describe. It seems as if this has all happened before. A dream that someday I will wake from.


            • Frank Prem

              Hi James.

              Thank you. Yes, it's all happened to us each before. Not sure if it was good back then, but it's certainly dubious now. Glad you enjoyed.

            • Laura

              It sounds like he’s awakened from a coma he’s been in ...
              ...and now he’s experiencing
              déjà vu moments.
              A piece well written!
              A lot to ponder!

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