WL Schuett

The Morning

morning whispers 

a mystic tremor 

as souls awake 


yawning woman 

tosses the covers 

as dawn awaits 


dreamy eyes cast 

upon the broken sky 

getting dressed 


sleepy words hush

 the newly born mornings 

sweet caress 


coffee aroma fills 

her heart as she moves 

down the stairs 


familiar creaks and moans 

follow her to the kitchen 

she pours a cup 


Morning whispers 

her mystical name as her 

soul wakes up 


morning shows her the road 

she thought she could 

never take 


On through the roses 

past the malestream  

Of mornings gate 


the morning trembles 

she is all the things that 

the night forsakes 


she alone is the spirit 

who won’t allow her 

heart to break 


spirits lift and gently 

prod her as she 

becomes aware 


she is the morning 




  • LaurašŸŒ»

    That is so, so beautiful!

    You are so gifted with your
    Poetic Pen. Your words flow on the page
    ...(really screen)...
    like the waters of a river!

    I truly enjoyed this poem!

  • myself and me

    A beautiful morning with whispers, coffee and roses. The sound, the smell and the view, you have them all. Such a beautiful paint followed by pretty poem.

  • Michael Edwards

    Sensitive and well constructed - great work Bill and love the painting.

  • Louis Gibbs

    A strong poem and a beautiful painting, WL! I enjoyed them both. Thanks.

  • Accidental Poet

    A very realistic and soothing morning write. And a beautiful painting too.

  • Christina8

    Amazing! Your words flow effortlessly. Beautiful depiction of the morning--with a wonderful painting to match!

  • FredPeyer

    You just made my morning, WL! Beautifully written!

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful write for a wondrous time of the day.

    Fabulous artwork as well.

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