My escape to the Hills is on hold

So I have been told

I’ve been called in a different direction




I’ve been called to console 

His lonely suffering mate

Who has been left all alone




She’s suffering from her loss

She deserves not to suffer

For the remainder of her days


She deserves to be happy

All she wants is a home cooked meal 

And tell her lifetime stories...75 years worth


She says they are for me to hear

Denying her I cannot bear!


  • FredPeyer

    You are a good daughter, Laura! First parents take care of us, but there comes a day when that relationship is reversed.

    • Laura🌻

      Yes! Now it’s my turn!
      Thank you for your comments, Fred!
      Very much appreciated!

    • Simple-Man87

      This was very well written. Expressive and emotional. Great job.

      • Laura🌻

        Thank you for your comments and compliment! Very much welcomed and appreciated!

      • ron parrish aka wordman

        a beautiful tribte to your mom

        • Laura🌻

          Thank you Ron!
          I do appreciate your
          visit and comment!

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            lol,i meant tribute,you`re welcome

          • Michael Edwards

            Written from the heart - a lovely work.

            • Laura🌻

              Thank you Michael!
              Your comment is
              sincerely appreciated!

            • Goldfinch60

              Good emotive write, be strong and be there for her.

              • Laura🌻

                I’ll do my best Gold.
                She deserves whatever
                she wants during her
                remaining years here
                on earth! Her wish is
                that I’d be with her and
                her wish will be fulfilled!

              • Accidental Poet

                So good of you to attend to your mom's needs and wants. Your dad would be proud of your doing this. Beautiful read.

              • Laura🌻

                Thank you for the read
                and making it a favorite!
                I sincerely appreciate
                your comments and
                mentioning my DAD!
                He’s always part of
                our lives!

              • LukeCoomer

                Awww I so relate!!

              • Laura🌻

                Thank you for your
                warm comment and
                saving it as your
                favorite! Very much

              • Laura🌻

                So hard not having parents, Joe! My heartfelt sympathies to you! I appreciate your read and for saving it as your favorite! Thank you!

              • rrodriguez

                Laura, I admire your dedication to your mom. Your poem really expresses your dedication. Well written with a lovely flow.

                • Laura🌻

                  Thank you, rr!
                  I appreciate your visit and comments!


                • Gary Edward Geraci

                  A touching tribute and treatise to that which is genuine and true: the bonds of family. Well done!

                • Laura🌻

                  Thank you for your beautiful comment! I truly appreciate it!


                • Neville

                  poignant words & well writ indeed.. today tho perhaps even more so as my own Mum passed away yesterday.


                  • Laura🌻


                    Thank you for the read!

                    I’m so sorry to hear of your Mum’s passing! My sincere condolences! May she Rest In Peace!


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