Anna Marg

And the time comes that you have to make a decision

You're in that situation that there's a cliff up ahead and a river behind

And you gotta choose

Are you gonna jump or are you gonna drown

And it's a fight or flight situation

But you can't flight

Not when everyone is fighting with all their might

Not when everyone is keeping up knowing their lives hang from a thin line

Knowing what you're here for

What you're fighting for

Who you're fighting for

So you pull that trigger and you can never go back

To the person you were

To the person they had you for

To the person you wish you could still be

And the nightmares begin

All the voices

All the screams

All the pleading eyes

All the questions why

And all you can do is cry silently

Cause you have no answer

There's not a logical explanation or conclusion

Cause this

This is war

And it's ripping souls bare without asking

Not only the souls of the ones lying dead on the cold uninviting ground

But also the ones from those who will survive

Those who will make it back in one piece

Only that's completely a lie

Cause that one piece isn't intact anymore

It has scratches and bruises and little fragments start to fall apart

For what is seen can't be unseen

What is heard can't be unheard

What is done can't be undone

And no one can make that little monster living inside quiet down

No one can take away that unsettling feeling that you committed one of the most fatal sins

That you took a persons' life

And not only one, many

But you had no choice

And even though you know it

Even though no one can or will blame you for what you did

Deep inside you still feel that that's just a pretty facade

Cause no one pressed you to pull that trigger

Or throw that grenade

Or put that bomb

Or be part of that war

But how could you sit in your little home calmly

When people are fighting for their country

When people are volunteering to take that burden of you

To keep you safe

You couldn't have that

And now what you can only do anymore is pray

Pray for that war to be over

Pray for no more losses

Pray for no more tears

Pray for those demons haunting you to go away

Pray for everything to go blank and find piece of mind again

Even if it's just for a day or just for the night or just for a moment

So you can just feel like you're you again

That naive little boy locked into his perfect world

Into his bubble of happiness

Away from the big bad world

For you no longer can

And you smile wistfully when a quote from a movie you once watched comes to mind..

''War does not determine who is right... only who is left...''

  • Author: Anna Marg (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2017 10:09
  • Category: Sad
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    Thanks ANNA for a very poignant Poem ~ WAR takes no prisoners and affects all who are tainted by it ~ Military and Civilians alike ! I live near a Garrison Town so we see the effects ~ Young Men with missing limbs ~ and the traumatic effect on Young Families and even worse those who return in Coffins. I am much too young (34) to remember WW2 (1939 ~ 45) but the effects still haunt the UK and on 11 November 2017 "We will remember them" Yours as always ~ BRIAN (UK)

  • FredPeyer

    Sad, but true! War is an ugly thing and so totally senseless. Throughout history wars were fought just to replace one bad situation with another bad situation, with much suffering on both sides.
    Your epic poem is very well written and covers a lot of ground. Kudos!

  • Accidental Poet

    Your poem here has hit its mark Anna. War makes no sense at all. When I was young, I had a neighbor who had returned home from Viet Nam. And though I hadn't known him before he left, I got to know him after he came home. He would flinch every 10 seconds or so from the bombs going off in his mind. And his best friend was shot and died in his arms. I always felt so sad that no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't take away his memories of that hell he lived through while his best friend had to die. Excellent write Anna.

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