ABUNDANCE ~ orange ~ grapefruit ~ neroli 

REPAIR CHAKRA ~ orange with patchouli

ORIGINAL FORCE ~ spearmint ~ peppermint

MEDITATION ~ lavender ~ elemi

ADVANCED SOUL ~ Ho-leaf blend with Frankincense 

TRAUM~EZE ~ juniper ~ lemon ~ cyprus

HEALTHY BRAIN ~ basil blend with lavender

EXPECT LOVE ! Rose ~ geranium ~ Ylang-Ylang

RESONANCE ~ lemon blend with lemon grass

ATTITUDE ~ tangerine with bergamot

PARADISE ~ lavender with spirenard

YOUR LOVE ! Sweat orange ~ lemon ~ helicarysum  


OWN POWER ~ lemongrass blend with grapefruit

KING & QUEEN ~ petitgrain with tangerine


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN


In Aromatherapy Massage ~ the oil consists of a

Carrier Oil ~ such as Sweet Almond Oil ~ blended

with the Essential Oil ~ such as Orange ~ Lavender

Ylang-Ylang etc.  Each blended Massage Oil has

therapeutic properties related to the needs of the

client. The basic effect of the massage is suggested

by the exotic name highlighted in the Poem !

Essential oils are inhaled naturally during the massage

and through the skin pores. An Aromatherapy Massage

is an unforgettable esperience ! Essential Oils can also

be mixed with water and used in "Aroma Lamps"

(Diffusers). Oils can also be inhaled using Steam


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  • Fay Slimm.

    Oh the lovely perfume wafts from your every word on the art of Aromatherapy - well said Brian that the essence of each wonderful gift is extended when massage occurs - a refreshing read.


      Thanks FAY ~ You obviously speak from experience ~ An elegant Lady like yourself deserves some pampering ! Please check my FUSION PEOM on Flowers ~ I have sent you some White Roses to thank you for the consistent excellence of your Pictures & Poems ~ always a Blessing ! Yours as ever BRIAN

    • Christina8

      Oh I love some of these combinations! Great job on this aromatherapy write! Sisterly hugs-Christina

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks CHRISTINA ~ Pleased you liked it ! You should treat yourself to a "Pamper Day" for Christmas ! As you know in addition to being a Physiotherapist ~ Angela is also a qualified Massuse ~ so she not only eases my aches and pains after Squash & Tennis but also raises my Libido with Ylang Ylang ~ what more could a Man ask ! Thanks for my YELLOW ROSES of Texas ~ I have a Cousin & Friends in Austin and they are all very shocked at such desecration & murder ~ Big Hugs from your Loving Brother BRIAN

        • Christina8

          I know! I did what I could--donated to gofundme to help with the Holcombs (spelling?) funeral cost--they lost 8 members of their family, at least. I wrote about it today. The nation is mourning.Thanks.

        • Michael Edwards

          Waft me Waft me Where do I lie? Massages the senses.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Yes indeed MICHAEL ~ the experience is sensational and Angela has a Tough Touch as a PHYSIO but a Gentle Gyration as a Masseuse ~ Friday Night is Massage Night ! Every relationship has its bonuses ! There are two positions for a top to toe ~ first DORSAL and second FRONTAL ~ both very sensual ~ in the right hands ! Yours BRIAN

          • orchidee

            You having fun there?! I best not know details, or I shall swoon! heehee.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Well Steve ~ If Husbands & Wives practiced mutual massage ~ using Aromatherapy Oils ~ their marriages would be much happier and there would be much less divorce ! Yours BRIAN

              • orchidee

                You're right Brian. The benefit of human touch too. (No, no, Orchi, not slap and tickle! heehee). Well, maybe that too! ooh!

              • myself and me

                Your poem is better than the aromatherapy itself, full of fragrance.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks M & M ~ I teach Science to Beauty Therapy Students and I like to share some of the basics ! Aromatherapy ~ Hydrotherapy (exercise in water !) and Physiotherapy are recognised \"treatments\" along with acupuncture and in the UK the latter three can be obtained on the NHS but not Aromatherapy and other essentially cosmetic treatments such a manicures ~ pedicures ~ hair care and \"make up\" etc. In some \"Care Homes\" cut price cosmetic services are available especially for Females for well being. Cosmetic surgery is another disputed area ! BRIAN

                • FredPeyer

                  Thanks for the recipes! Gotta use them on my wife, and she will be forever grateful!

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks FRED basic Massage techniques are not too difficult to acquire but you do need someone to practice on and who better than your Wife or Partner ! The carrier oils and small quantities of the essential oils can be obtained from "The Body Shop" or a Chemist. All "chemicals" applied to the skin must be used with care and as directed by the manuals etc. Full Body Aromatherapy Massage by Husband on Wife and vice-versa ensures a Happy Marriage ! Yours BRIAN

                  • Laura🌻

                    Caro Amico Brian,
                    enjoyed the massage!
                    Soothing and relaxing!
                    Lemon blend with lemon
                    grass and orange~lavender
                    are my favorites! Thank you
                    for the experience...
                    mentally anyway!!
                    Saluti e abbracci...

                  • Shadowbox15

                    I really enjoyed this poem. It reminded me of when my grandma gave me hypnotherapy and reiki.
                    I enjoyed hearing someone else’s perspective on alternative medicine. 🙂
                    Thank you.

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      THANKS FRIEND ~ Pleased you enjoyed it. MPS is a very diverse site and often a Poem will trigger my memory. I have had ACUPUNTURE for a frozen shoulder and together with Physio & exercise it was very beneficial. It was FREE on the UK NHS ! Yours BRIAN

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