WL Schuett

Cracked Window

taking a glimpse from the shadows 

sitting in the corner of a round room 

in the solace of forgetfulness 

with a pocketful of leaves 


there is magic in the mundane 

my son tells me I’m unique...

just like everyone else 

we all do look out our own 



there is a painting that I did 

that no one has figured out yet 

I know what it is ...

it bubbled up from inside 


from the inner glow of an angel 

to a fiery burning rat 

everyone sees something 

everyone feels it differently 

uniquely though their own 



  • FredPeyer

    The first thing I saw in your painting was a 'haunted face'.
    Your excellent poem is so right, WL, we all see the same thing in different ways. If you have eight witnesses to a crime, you will have eight different stories.
    Very good poem!

  • MaddieJ

    Amazing.... The poem and the painting. I saw a new self dripping from the old self. Like a cocoon, into a new exciting world. It's like you said though, we all see something different. " There is magic in the mundane." is my favorite part

  • Brycycle

    I really liked this poem, it is very unique. Great write, and painting.

  • Louis Gibbs

    How about an alien life form with its soul on fire, surrounded by protective orbs of E.T.s? Nothing is too strange in this odd world!
    Good, thought-provoking write and picture, WL!

  • Michael Edwards

    When I look at a painting like this I see use of tonal values and complementary shapes - okay so I can see a face beneath a crown of thorns if I really look but attempting to impose realism on work like this is at the bottom list. I love it for what it is - an almost-abstract with rather forbidding overtones. And a great write as well.

    • WL Schuett

      All I really want to add is that I painted this using only the three primary colors and black and white .... this painting is in a gallery right now and I secretly kinda hope it doesn’t sell ....

    • Seek

      A beautifully done poem. What stood out for me: "...the solace of forgetfulness" and "...there is magic in the mundane". To be honest, your poem, just like the painting has been "...bubbling from the inside" right from the get-go.

    • Goldfinch60

      Like us all we are all unique and see both the words and the words in different ways, the line that intrigues me is "with a pocketful of leaves " are we seeing leaves from a tree or leaving others or others leaving us.
      In the painting I see new life.
      Good write and fascinating painting WL.

    • myself and me

      It seems to me that something has been hatched inside a withered leaf, something new, fresh, bright, full of life will burst from the dead shell. Love the contrast of the dark background and the beautiful yellowish light through the semi-transparent object (leaf?). I see hope. One of your best paint. The poem fit the paint, but the paint is a winner this time.

    • dusk arising

      No matter what you write the reader sees it their way. I love the way you have disguised mugging the intellectuals here. Makes me think of Edward Lear for grown-ups.

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