Michael Edwards





Determined she would not concede

Despite his efforts to mislead

Of wounds cut deep she took no heed

They would not bleed, they would not bleed.









  • Goldfinch60

    Good write Michael and an interesting form of words.

    Like the artwork, the notice board is quite typical of an English country town/village and is well displayed here. What time is the Village Fete?

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - not my village but quite typical - the fete is over now for this year and the board contains notices of the baby club, the whist drive, the art group, the heritage group, the bowls club, women\'s institute, the cricket club, the village green committee, the village hall committee, the walking club, the pudding group - and so it goes on.

      There is just so much going on in English villages where the sense of community can be quite incredible. I have lived in towns and cities and they are nothing compared to village life.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic Michael.

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      Nicely portrait the Creativity!

    • Christina8

      I like the village picture. Quite different from the villages in america. Also like the new poetic form. It's very different but unique, well done!

      • Michael Edwards

        They tend to be very quaint with a history going back several hundred years - thanks for your kind comments Christina.

      • Louis Gibbs

        Bingo! A formula poem that moves and touches me! Exquisite write and watercolor, Michael. Both so well done.

        • Michael Edwards

          Then I am truly chuffed - thanks Louis

        • WL Schuett

          Well done Michael painting and verse

        • Jeremy Leach

          The story I imagine is a couple locked in argument behind the closed doors of a quiet village. Both stubborn as mules, trying to wound the other and not wanting to back down or show weakness. However the 'mislead' and 'wounds' raise intriguing questions and I'm starting to wonder. I guess there's no right answer but it shows the power of a few well written words to stimulate the imagination. I could learn a lot from this.

          • Michael Edwards

            You sum it up so well - this for me is the beauty of these short works in that they entice the imagination with so many questions in so few words and yet are still complete within themselves. I really do appreciate the time you have taken to comment on this - thanks so very much Jeremy.

            I am currently working on a short 3 stanza work about poem writing which is again in enigmatic vein but I am still puzzling over the last stanza which I can't quite get right. I guess the point I'm making is that although short it can take much longer per stanza to get them right than a longer work.

            • Jeremy Leach

              I can see a parallel in music too. A few notes or sung words can portray so much in the imagination. Less is more as they say. I do think there's a lot to learn here.

            • FineB

              Thanks Michael.

              That was powerful and poignant.

              Great poem.

              Keep writing

            • Fay Slimm.

              Your depiction of village life by watercolour always astounds me Michael and loved the form your poem took today - - great read.

              • Michael Edwards

                Bless you Fay - thanks for your comment.

              • myself and me

                Another lovely paint. The poem is kind of heart wrenching.

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