LUNAS D'ESPANA ~ Por Santita y Christina




Spanish Eyes

Always romantic


Lunas  Espanolas ~ tambien

Ojas Espanolas

Siempre romanticas


Flamenco ~ Music

and Dancing

composed in Heaven !


Musica y Baile

de Flamenco

compuesta en Cielo 


Guitar's lament ~ the

memory of

Spain's former glory!


Grito de la Guitarra

recuerdos de

anteriares gloria d'Espana


Gracias por visitando ~ comments welcome ~ Amor XOX


LUNES (It means Monday but LUNAS is more romantic !)  

are "Free Spirit"  5 3 5 poems in English ! It translates to

LUNAS (MOON) in Spanish hence the enigmatic title !

I like to translate LUNES and HAIKU etc to and from other

Languages ! It is virtually impossible to maintain the

5 3 5 & 5 7 5 syllabic pattern in translation !


I will be in GERMANY ~ With the College visiting the

German Markets until Wednesday ~ so I will post some




  • orchidee

    Oohh will this make me swoon? Should I meet her, the woman in the pic?! lol.


      Well STEVE ~ They are native to ANDALUCIA (S Spain) and do tour the UK from time to time ! A WARNING ~ They are always chaperoned by Fierce Spanish Gypsies ~ so watch your back ! Thanks BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Great work and do enjoy Germany - I love the continental markets so am quite jealous. look forward to the German writes.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks Micheal ~ the German Markets are the best every day is Christmas Day ! The ~Business Studies ~ Languages ~ Catering etc are 17 ~ 25 so I am going as a Chaperone & Translator (should one be needed ~ you know what Teens are like !) but I will have chance to evaluate the BRATWURST UND GLUWEIN ! I will post some German HAIKU ~ with translation next Thursday ~ I will miss MPS ! Yours BRIAN

      • Birddie Jane

        Have fun in Germany

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks JESSE ~ I love Germany but they do take life a little seriously ~ BUT ~ At Wine Festivals and Christmas ~ they so let their hair down and have FUN ~ JAH Ich werde Spass in Deutschland haben zu Weihnachten ! YES I will have fun in Germany at Christmas ! Seasonal Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

        • ForeverJesus6

          That is nice how you mixed the two languages together. Maybe it because I am from Miami, but Spanish always sounds good with english. Still, for honest feedback, respectfully, I personally do not think that is your style of writing, but if it makes you feel good, and everyone else likes it, than go for it.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            GRACIAS AMIGO ~ Spanish is my second language and I love to visit Florida because one meets a lot of Hispanics and I can attend Spanish Language services in Churches and buy Spanish language Newspapers ! I accept your comment and I could have just posted the LUNES (3 line poems) in Spanish with no translation (but not everyone can read Spanish) or just in English which would have defeated the object and the title ! Your BRIAN

            • ForeverJesus6

              Alright, I was just saying my opinion. As I said, 'it was a good piece. I'm glad you visit Florida.

            • Christina8

              Thanks so much for the dedication, I am sure Santita will like it too! Love the lunas--also liked that you translated them, my spanish isn't as good as yours! Have safe travels in Germany! Look forward to your return. Abrazos--Christina

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GRACIAS CHRISTINA ~ Pleased you liked it ~ If i post a Poem in a language other than English ~ I always add a translation ~ OK Tu y Santita sono las dos Senoritas ~ I hone my Spanish on ~ hence the joint dedication ! I hope it's not too cold in Germany ~ there is more SNOW than you know where ! I will post some German Haiku with translations on Thursday ~ I will miss MPS and you while I am in DEUTSCHLAND ! Abrazos de Natividad ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

              • Tony36

                Great write

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks TONY ~pleased you liked it ~ BRIAN

                  • Tony36


                  • Candlewitch

                    dear Brian,

                    I really enjoyed your translations! thank you so very much for this! have a grand time!

                    *hugs, Cat

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      GRACIAS CAT ~ Pleased you liked it ~ thanks for your comments and for saving it as a FAVORITE ! Seasonal Hugs ~ BRIAN XOXOX

                    • Fay Slimm.

                      Looking forward to German experiences from your golden pen dear Brian. Wishing you lots of fun visiting markets there. Love the combo-posting today .

                    • myself and me

                      Love this double language poem.
                      This is the season for gluehwine, warm with fruit smell. Have a wonderful trip there.

                    • Laura

                      Mio Caro Amico BRIAN...
                      As I’m reading your poem and read the words SPANISH EYES, it immediately reminded me of AL MARTINO’s song. It’s an oldie. Love that song and your great poem! Wonderful idea to combine the two languages to write your great poem!

                      Baci e forti abbracci...

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