Discipleship Discourse

Tune: Ye Banks And Braes

('We cannot measure how you heal')

Luke Chapter 6 part


'Blessed be you poor', the Lord did say

You who stay with me, watch and pray

For yours the kingdom of God is

You can be assured well of this

And blessed be you that hunger now

For you shall be filled, and too how

Blessed are those who do now weep

For you shall laugh and dance and leap


Blessed are you too when people shall

Hate you, and of you not speak well

And when you they shall separate

From their company, not be late

But shall reproach you, cast you out

Treat your name as evil, no doubt

'Tis all because of the Son's sake

They do not Him their Lord true make


Rejoice in those days, leap for joy

Though those you agitate, annoy

Are of the world, have not believed

Have not Christ as Saviour received

Yet those troubled, persecuted

have great reward in heaven, not hid

For in like manner they did do

Unto previous prophets true 


Who build their lives upon a rock

Dig deep, and withstand the storm's shock

For such are they with godly fear

Who do Christ's words, not only hear

So not lip-service or talk fine

Nor sole mental assent align

But such obey, the Spirit's power

Is given unto them each hour 


  • Michael Edwards

    It sings - I sing - glad you can't hear it - well write Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Michael.

    • FredPeyer

      Very nice recording, orchi, but your poem outshines the song!

      • orchidee

        Thanks Fred. Oh, but I only base it on the originals - the tunes, anyway.

      • ForeverJesus6

        The beattitudes, I like it my friend.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Forever.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks STEVE ~ New song of me ~ but I enjoyed it ! I love the concepts of self abnegation behind the BEATITUDES (Beautiful Attitudes) so any poem based on them is a winner for me ! Yours BRIAN

          • orchidee

            Thanks Brian. I shall do some abnegating then! Ooh I dunno these long words. Or do I?!
            But yes, the attitudes are not what we would humanly like or choose. Yet Jesus shows us 'where true blessedness lies' as one commentary puts it. It's a fairly 'new-ish' song, the original. in the clip.

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