Fay Slimm






Dark fast errupts with decisive lust,
locks in horizon bound
between banks of cloud.
and blocks all fight of deceasing sun.


Dusk tightly enfolds twilight's hold,
attacks needed sight
of homeing bird flight
by wrapping land's shadows in gold.


Night stridently creeps then strikes,
cuts late shine from gentle
evening's nocturnal edge
and shuts in blackening ebony-ties.



  • Louis Gibbs

    As my young grandson would put it, "Dark came", as though it were an entity unto itself rather than the absence of light. Good write on this dark subject, Fay!

  • orchidee

    Erm, ahh, perhaps, maybe,....now come on Orchi, be 'decisive' and comment on a further good write!


    Thanks FAY ~ I'm pleased to be back and have the opportunity to unlock the meaning(s) in your latest poem ! In my experience Night has always followed Day (except once when I was in the North Cape on 21st June ~ The SUN almost set ~ and then came back up again ~ awesome !). Each ~ sentence commencing word has a different connotation of night fall ! DARK ~ does indeed descend (erupt) fast (too fast sometimes ?) ~ DUSK ~ certainly enfolds ! and NIGHT surely creeps ~ shuts out the LIGHT ~ and then ~ shuts in the DARK ! A perfect description form a very observant POET ! Love the Cornish Sunset ~ a perfect complimentary visual ~ BEAUTIFUL ~ Thanks for caring ~ Yours as always BRIAN

  • Michael Edwards

    Or as my grandson once said: 'time to put the dark light on'. Super write Fay.

  • Santita

    This is a beautifully vivid piece, Fay! You brought me into to the sunset and I felt the kiss of the dark night! Lovely write:)

  • myself and me

    The decisive power of dark.

  • FredPeyer

    There is something magical about dusk and the onset of night and you captured that magic perfectly in this incredible poem.

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