Frank Prem

coffee café before late shift

coffee café
I've done lunch
I'm just killing time
until my shift starts


big flat white
how strong is that
I have to stay wide awake for ...


an old party of five
is all smiling choppers
slick silver hair
and a perm
a rouge and an oversize handbag
so slow
picking paths through the tables
just in case of a ...


it's never too early in a day
or a life
to introduce kids to a fluff baby-cino
a small boy has rehearsed
time and time again
the way to best wear a milk moustache
his small sister though has a better cream curl
and mum and dad are just so pleased they could ...


yes and sometimes
you just want it all
but in a world of mod-cons you can't take it
because there's the chirp of the phone
and a selfie to pose
no time to get your spoon
into a hummingbird slice
with such a generous dollop of ...


coffee café
I'm just killing time
till my shift is ready
to receive me again but until that hour


there's a man placing an order
he's Macedonia or Greece
wants a take away that's going to
stand his hair up ...




  • Michael Edwards

    I would love to go back in time to the 1600s when coffee houses spread through the UK - I bet they used to serve real coffee back then - naturally seeped and filtered. The best. Great poem Frank

    • Frank Prem

      Cheers Michael.

      Over here my wife and I roast our own from the green, and grind daily. Doesn't get more real, I don't think. It's become our ritual.

      • Michael Edwards

        Now that sounds like heaven.

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      • Goldfinch60

        Thank you Frank - mines an americano please.

        I don't grow beans but I buy them from a wonderful tea and coffee shop and I always grind the beans immediately before putting them in the filter machine.

        • Frank Prem

          I buy mine, too GF. Green, though.

          These family traditions and rituals are a wonderful thing, I think.

        • orchidee

          You had more coffee Frank? Good write there!

          • Frank Prem

            I have to limit myself O.

            My wife roasted the last batch - a little burnt and very, very strong.

          • Louis Gibbs

            Hard to beat people-watching as a way to kill time. Well expressed in this clever one, Frank!

            • Frank Prem

              Thanks Louis it's a great time-filler for sure. I'm just off to grind some beans.

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