Don't deserve a title

Fuck off, leave me alone, I can't escape this place

I don't wanna live, I cannot die. I can't take the constant shit


If there was a God, I would be dead. My suffering would have ceased

It's not only me but a boy of four, suffering for God's sick pleasure


Don't tell me he's good, don't tell me he loves. He's a cruel nasty son of a bitch

Oh what, will I be punished for that, that's what he's done all along


I don't wanna live, I wanna die. But fail again everytime I try

The evil succeed, I took the wrong path. Got it all wrong to be good


Please end my pain, please make it stop. There's only so much I can take

And that muchs been exceeded time and again. What the fuck have I gotta do


Nothing helps, alll theories are shit. Don't patronise me with these lies

Life's a fucking joke and I envy the dying, fuck the injustice of life



    WELCOME KAT ~ Thanks for your first POEM ~ so so full of angst & self-pity ! Writing is cathartic (I know !) so I hope it made you feel better to share ~ and I noted it was NOT about TODAY ! MPS is an empathetic site ~ I am always here for you if you want to vent ad will look out for your next ODE ! I find it helps to "Count My Blessings" and generally (not always !) I discover ~ however low I feel ~ there are more positives than negatives ! Thinking of you ~ Your BRIAN (UK)

    • Kat1

      Thanks so much for your message and for reading my poem. Yeah I use poetry alot therapeutically. Ha ha. I have a lot of angry poems. Which will share. No harm or offence meant by them to anyone. Take care. I will look out for yours. Kat

    • tepo

      glad you failed
      great debut
      for me, you can't beat REAL
      look forward to reading more
      hang in
      you are talented

      • Synesthesia


        I think the structure works really well to - switch on fast, ebb, flow, build, and then crash in sounds of f and k


      • Kat1

        Thanks so much. Really appreciated

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