Notice of absence from Laura
I’ll be absent for a while due to some health issues. Thank you.

Not easy to forgive and forget

when the “truth” you’ve been asked to believe is really a lie

Even your name has turned out to be a lie

There’s a volcanic rage within me that wants to erupt

Erupt with a vengeance...

to what purpose I one will take notice

A different direction I will take

A direction instilled in me as a child 

I will reach into the depths of my heart to find that tiny voice that speaks to me of forgiveness...

that is what I was taught as a find it in your heart to forgive

Not all of me says to NOT forgive...

I am forgiving.

You are forgiven...



I cannot forget the pain

I cannot forget the humiliation

That is a constant reminder I cannot forget...

That will take a lot of strength I do not have to give at this time...

Perhaps when I’m summoned to leave these earthly surroundings...

When I am summoned to join all who have been summoned and have departed before me 

Perhaps only then I can forget and let bygones be bygones

When we’re old and childlike...

Perhaps then I will remember what I was taught...and only then to




  • Syd

    Life's too short to hold onto anger Laura. You'll do well to follow your own advice. It's easier said than done.

    Great write - Syd

    • Laura

      Yes, it is!
      Thank you for the read and comment! I’m trying very hard to do so. It’s a scar that’s not healing! That is why it took me a while to voice my feelings! I appreciate your encouragement!


    • FineB

      A very poignant poem!

      One must Forgive and Forget!

      It is difficult when someone has been mean and unkind to you beyond belief.

      That was a wonderful poem Laura.

      Keep writing

    • Fay Slimm.

      A powerful read dear Laura which outlines the true reasons for cultivating both - to forgive is I believe half-way and more to the love in forgetting. - - - a deep subject and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


      CAIO LAURA CARA MIIA ~ Reading between the lines LAURA one can only imagine the pain & humiliation~ you suffered ! It is impossible to FORGET (and why should you) BUT ~ You can FORGIVE. We had a NAZI CONCENTRATION Camp survivor in our Town ~ Her Mantra was "I MUST never FORGET ~ but ~ because I am a JEW ~ I MUST forgive." I trust you writing found this CAHARTIC ~ Thinking of You ~ Bacci con Amore ~ BRIAN XOXOX

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      touching write,sometimes we just can`t find it in our hearts to totally forgive

      • Laura

        Thank you for the read and comments!
        Glad for your visit! Just started a Fusioned poem! Feel free to contribute!


        • ron parrish aka wordman

          you`re welcome..will check it out

        • Michael Edwards

          Only just found this - a super piece of work expressing great feelings. Always plan for tomorrow and yesterday becomes but a memory (one of my one liners).

        • Laura

          Thank you Michael!!
          Very appreciative for your read and comments! It was a painful and difficult write...but I felt the urge to share with my fellow writers of MPS!

        • Poetic Dan

          Wow I felt these words so deep
          Forgiveness as a marvellous destination
          Everytime I think I'm full there
          I'm tested with my inner childhood fear
          To now seeing the sad truth is
          I find it easier to talk to my abusive stepdad, than I do the ghost that was once my mother.
          This was a hard read for first thing in the morning but I thank you for sharing and helping me as you help your self.
          May we find the strength to keep up the climb.

        • Joe Dawson

          Laura, I can feel your hurt and disappointment from here. Forgive and Forget in my experience is best substituted by 'Let time heal' and it usually does – given time. Smug and easy for me to say you might think but right now I am presently dealing with forgiveness too. My partner of several decades recently came home and announced she didn't want me anymore and 'could we just be friends,' before taking up with another family. I have forgiven her but by what mighty power of erasure am to forget? There is no shame I can see in not always being able to instantly forget or forgive for that matter. Forgive and forget - a weighty act of courage I think. That said, you found the strength to write about your hurt and humiliation and you will, I am sure, find the strength to genuinely let bygones be bygones and ultimately move on. Be strong. Joe

          • Laura

            Thank you Joe! So sweet
            and generous of you to
            take the time to read and

            Not smug nor easy at all of
            you! I know I’m not the first
            one this has happened to
            and unfortunately I won’t be
            the last!

            I’m so sorry about your
            situation. You are truly
            strong to have forgiven her!
            I wish you all the best!
            Thank you for sharing!
            Very appreciative!


          • Joe Dawson

            Oh, I'm OK really, Life I find is a mysterious wave from which none of us is immune. A wave that brings storms and calm but not necessarily in equal measure. I mentioned my efforts at forgiveness only to say you were not alone. She hated poetry and thought me a fool and a time-waster for writing it so the upside is I am now free to write entirely without censure - drinks all round. Thank you for your kind wishes, I shall put them to good use and send, if I may, tons of good fortune in your direction too. Joe

          • Laura

            Cin cin my friend!

          • Laura

            Welcome to MPS!
            Yes, the forgetting is most difficult! Thank you for the read and compliment!

          • yellowrose

            hi laura, great piece of writing! its very hard to forgive sometimes . we will never ever forget the pain someone has caused us , in our life. forgiving is very hard....especially when someone has hurt you so much . i like how you mentioned looking into yourself, finding the child part and then looking ahead at a time in the future when you may be able to truly forgive.. a well expressed enjoyable piece of writing x

          • marquisha

            The war I have been and still battling today!
            My life have been a bad chemical reaction that my parents birthed, with no instructions to put out! Hate and revenge adds more to my flames!

            Great poem Laura! Nice read!

          • Neville

            painfully powerful and emotionally charged.. not always easy to do but the sting does ease up over time, at least in most cases..... Neville

            • Laura


              Yes, the sting does ease up over time! However, as I commented on your deleted posting this morning, from time to time we remember and the pain stings all over again. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling the sting as I write this response! A bit less perhaps, but it’s there!


              • Neville

                am so sorry to hear that my friend, if you wanna talk about it, I am a good listener... Neville

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              • Suresh

                To forget - it's a momentary lapse in recalling. Once recorded it can never be erased, so all one can do is try to file it in the recesses of one mind, which is virtually impossible to do if it's is perpetually in your presence.
                In the absence of this this, forgive if only to find peace with oneself.

                We are all victims of not being able to forget, making even forgiving that much harder.

                • Laura


                  It is filed ‘in the recesses of my mind’! He is gone! It is now senseless to perpetuate any odium I felt at the time! He is deceased and I’m not! I won’t forget... but I have forgiven! May he Rest In Peace!

                  Thank you for the read and comments! Very much appreciated!


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