The game of life and death

Life's end game is the worst one of all
You think you're winning
But then all of a sudden your heart gives up
And you're gone.

For the people you leave behind a new game begins,
As they try to win the game in their minds,
To come to terms with death.
A game with so many twists and turns the end of the maze is quickly lost.

No one ever really wins that game,
But people learn new ways to cheat,
Till they've convinced themselves that they're fine.
Then all of a sudden they roll a 6 and land on a snake and have to start again.

As time ticks on poker faces become better as they're practiced more,
Hands shake less so less cards are scattered,
But as people hide behind the game of lies,
Some people start a game of hurt.

They play noughts and crosses on their skin,
And scrabble in their minds trying to find the right words to tell someone how they feel.
And as someone's game of life ends
Someone else's game of death begins.

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  • Published: December 19th, 2017 13:34
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    WELCOME "BA" ~ Thanks for your first poem which hilites the Futility of Life & the Inevitability of Death ~ I love POEMES NOIRES ! Your elegant epic is presented is 5 balanced free verse Quatrians ~ Excellent ~ Good Structure (easy to read & recite) and the Subject is something we can ALL empathise with because it reflects the Life & Death of the whole Human Race ~ 7.3 Billion ! Verse 1. You can't win ~ DEATH is inevitable (Gerontologists give us 120 years MAX !)
    Verse 2. The effect of my Friend's Deaths on me is "I DON'T WANNA DIE ~ EVER !"
    Verse 3. Life is a Game of Snakes & Ladders ~ Both are dangerous and cause lots of injury & death ~ Give up now ~ YOU CANT WIN !
    Verse 4. In futily trying to escape (or postpone) Death ~ We actually DIE !
    Verse 5. The Game of Life is CHANCE ~ The Game of Death is CERTAIN!
    This poem is better than You think ~ Thanks for sharing ~ More Please ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, it will happen to all and there is nothing we can do about it but the body might die but the Spirit goes on for eternity. Welcome to MPS.

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