PLETHORA ~ Plenty or excess (18th C)

ORIGIN ~ Greek ~ plethora = full


QUANTUM LEAP ~ A move forwards

ORIGIN ~ Scientific 1900 ~ small amount of Energy

In JARGON it refers to a LARGE change not a SMALL one !


RIBALD ~ Irreverent or licentious remark (16th C)

ORIGIN ~ French ~ Ribauld = Licentious pleasures !


SYMBIOSIS ~ Working together

ORIGIN ~ Scientific !  In nature the FLORA take in CO2 and

give out OXYGEN and work SYMBIOTICALLY with the FAUNA

which inhale OXYGEN and exhale CO2 ! Prior to the Industrial

Revolution this maintained Atmospheric CO2 @ 250 ppm !

Please tell Mister TRUMP it is now 500 ppm and rising !


TANTAMOUNT ~ Equivalent to ~ or commensurate with 

ORIGIN ~ Tantomontare = To amount to as much !


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I have included some scientific terms like INHALE & EXHALE (breathing in and out) which are similar but opposites. Scientists do have at least 1000 extra words in their vocabulary which is useful in both SCRABBLE (words like XYLENE) and POETRY (words like ARBOREAL etc). ISOTOPE is a common word ~ but it is derived from the Greek ISO = same and TOPOS = place. It is used to describe two(or more) forms of the same ELEMENT (such as CARBON) C12  C13  & C14 which occupy the SAME PLACE (No.6) in the Periodic Table. It dates from the 193O's when the NEUTRON was discovered ! So now you know ! In the past ALL Scientists were Greek & Latin Scholars ~ consequently they used those languages to describe new scientific phenomena. Some (like MARIE CURIE) were more down to Earth and she coined the word RADIOACIVITY to explain the phenomena of (radioactive) elements like URANIUM producing ALPHA ~ BETA ~ GAMMA Radiation ! Thanks for reading ~ comments WELCOME ~ BRIAN


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  • Michael Edwards

    And here's me thinking Tantamount referred to Santa (who lisps) talking about his mount of Santa's presents.


      Ahhhhh MICHAEL ~ Even Wordsmiths like you and I can learn new (and exciting) words every day. Today I met COLORATURA ~ A complicated piece of music for a Solo Singer in an article about opera !

      LOVE AT FIRST ...........?
      My Twin Sister Nora
      Is engaged to a COLORATURA
      But is he the right man fura ?
      It was love a first sight when he sura
      Or was it a whim ?
      It was love at first sound
      When first she heard Him
      At TheTheatre in the Round !

      Thanks for comment BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Brill stuff B

      • orchidee

        I dunno why I'm bothering lol. Well, I can't anything more than 3 syllables long. Not after sherry anyway! lol.
        A fine write again Brian.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks STEVE ~ I write POETRY ~ to amuse ~ entertain ~ reach your Heart & Mind ~ But also to EDUCATE ~ You're never too old to Learn Granpop ! Yours BRAIN

          • orchidee

            Dohhh! it's the sherry you know. Can't say these long or even medium sized words. heehee. I'm not a Grandad, but I am a Great-Uncle!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Grazie SANTITA ~ Cara Amiga Mia ! Thanks for your encouraging comments ~ I like to pleasure & educate ! Besos y Abrazos Picantes BRIAN El Muso Divino XOXOX

          • Christina8

            Great write and very educational! Love reading these! Sisterly hugs-Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS CHRIS ~ I love words and today we reach Z ~ ENJOY ! Sunny here today 50F so no snow expected ! Some horrendous Winter Pictures from USA SIX FOOT of snow in places and MINUS 38F in Minnesota our lowest has been ZERO F (so far) Still lots of snow in SCOTLAND ! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ~ ANGELA sends her love and says "Cuddle up & keep Warm" HOT HUGS for YOU & YOURS for 2018 ~ Brian @@@@@@@

            • Shadowbox15

              I’m playing scrabble this weekend! What fortunate timing I’ve come across.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS FRIEND ~ Scrabble (like Poetry) is a good way to increase ones vocabulary ~ Pleased you enjoyed the SERIES on WORDS ~ Yours BRIAN

              • FredPeyer

                Thanks Brian! You just managed to give me the last science lesson for 2017!

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