Kylie- The Australian Pop Goddess

Melbourne 1968, a girl was born,
Kylie Ann Minogue entered the scene,
She made her media debut as a child,
Miss Minogue was a visible presence on every Australian TV screen.

Rivalry with Dannii her sister was formed early on,
On young ‘Talent Time,’ they dazzled at a tender age,
Her fame surpassed Dannii’s with a spell on ‘Neighbours’.
Becoming the media’s darling, she took centre stage.

Early music albums promoted a wholesome Aussie girl next door,
Jason left and Michael Hutchence stole her heart,
A sexy, raunchy pop goddess emerged,
Self -assured and in control of her destiny, the golden couple would part.

Successful albums were released over the years,
Her concert tours received worldwide acclaim,
Kylie was an icon and marketable commodity,
In the world of pop the petite Australian artiste would reign.

Kylie’s career grew from strength to strength,
But fate dealt a very cruel blow,
In 2005, diagnosed with breast cancer,
Her spirit crushed to an all-time low.

She recovered eventually but could never bear children,
Her work for breast cancer was rewarded with an honorary degree,
The accolades continued to come her way.
She was successful, unattached and carefree.

True love continued to elude her,
She searched in vain for that ‘special,’ soul mate,
An engagement to marry Joshua Sasse was doomed to failure,
She continues to soar in her career as of late.

Kylie’s star endures and shines brightly,
What an impressive and illustrious career!
One wonders what lies ahead for Miss Minogue?
The best is yet to come, never fear.


  • Michael Edwards

    Well observed in great form - not that I knew much about her apart from the name - so thanks for that.

    • Michael Edwards

      By the way I was close to Wembley yesterday - lousy drive home up the M1

    • FineB

      Hi Michael,

      I am delighted you liked the poem.

      You were in Wembley. There is never a dull moment in Wembley and especially thoroughout this football season as Spurs plays all their home games at the stadium until their own new stadium is built and completed.

      Hope you are safe from the weather this festive season still remaining?

      I wish you a prosperous 2018!

      Keep writing

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write and explanation of her life. She has always struck me as a charming and talented young lady (I say young as at my age most people are young!)

      • FineB

        Thank you Goldfinch60.

        I am glad you enjoyed my poem.

        Kylie's star never dims

        Happy 2018!

        Keep writing

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