Michael Edwards






Round and round the waistband

Oh what a naughty pair

One step

Two step

And it’s tickly under there.




Betty bathed in bitter butter

But it made the butler mutter:

‘Bitter butter makes me splutter

Best put butter down the gutter

Baby oil beats bitter butter

and it makes my eyelids flutter’




Cock-a doodle-doo

The maiden hasn’t a clue

The master plays with his fiddling stick

And he shows her what to do.





  • orchidee

    Ohh, I'm all of a swoon after this lot! Slap and tickle; baby oil; and fiddling stick. Is that similar to Ken Dodd's tickling stick?! heehee.

  • Michael Edwards

    Nothing like a tickling stick Orchi - it's a violin of course - isn't it?

  • Scrambled Letters

    Haha looks like a hoot. Slip and slide the new wed bride, the member begs to hop inside, the front door's closed, can't be exposed, so takes it's ride on the other side

  • FredPeyer

    Didn't know you can make love with a fiddling stick! :-)
    Am I wrong, or are you getting a little bit nasty here?

  • Michael Edwards

    Lovely music Fred - lovely music.

  • Mottakeenur Rehman

    Always outstanding Sir!

  • Laura

    I love the readers’
    to each his own...
    as the old saying goes!
    I enjoyed the read!
    Great painting to
    illustrate your writing!

  • Tony36

    Ha ha, enjoyed it very much

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