He googles something,

sits me down.

Asks me 

“Are you here right now?”


”How many people 

do you really think are gay?”

None of my answers

he deems okay.


0.8% Of Americans

are pan or bi.

He says there’s no way I’m part of that,

my life is a lie.


”You’re to young to know!”

”How can you even tell?”

”You shouldn’t have a sex drive yet.”

Am I living in hell?


People have it worse than me,

I already know.

So why do I feel

Like I’m about to explode?


It’s like he’s saying

I was born a sin.

It isn’t fair to want 

better kin?


Family doesn’t mean you have to love them.

Brotherhood doesn’t mean you have to trust them.


You call me a liar?

I need to repent?

You can’t change my mind

I’m in that 0.8%.






    WELCOME P&P ~ thanks for your first Poem and personal identity statement ! You will find MPS a vet empathetic site and non-judgemental about Color ~ Class ~ Creed or Gender. We are what we are and at 13 I sure knew I was a BOY and (in my case) 20 years later I still am. Thanks fro sharing ~ Please check my Poems |~ Yours BRIAN

  • Poetic Dan

    The goosebumps I felt in this read is more than I could breathe. Keep letting it out in poetry, you'll soon see we all love, admire and appreciate the skin your are in.
    Thank you for being exactly who ever you want to be, your a breath of fresh air reminding me to stay free.

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