Louis Gibbs



Just below the surface it lurks,

Its roots entangled in my very soul,

Its tentacles threatening to strangle my heart.


Therein lies the rage spawned in childhood,

This vicious, tenacious beast within me

Sucking up all peace and joy.


  • Michael Edwards

    I have never suffered from abuse and dread to think of the effects it can cause - but this is a strong powerful write - good work.

    • Louis Gibbs

      It can be terribly destructive, Michael. Thank you for the kind words.

    • Resa71

      I deeply feel those words you wrote. My father was extremely abusive. Mostly mentally and emotionally to my sister and I. Very physical towards my Mother. I’ve raised my daughter, I’m currently raising my 7 year old son, who is very challenging. To this day, I have to sometimes stop, remind myself not to lash out the way my father did. I’m ashamed of the beast that will forever dwell inside me.Thank you for sharing that amazing poem.

      • Louis Gibbs

        My heartfelt sympathy to you and your sister, Resa. It is not only destructive, but as you say, so difficult not to pass on as the way to treat our offspring. Breaking the cycle of abuse is, in itself, a tremendous challenge. Congratulations on your recognition of that. Thank you for this most empathetic response.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very strong words, I, like Michael, have never suffered abuse but one of my young relatives did and it is the one thing that I cannot reconcile with the idea of Christian forgiveness, if I see that person I will swing for him.
        I pray that the peace and joy within you will not all be sucked up.

        • Louis Gibbs

          It is my belief that we choose the lessons we need to learn before coming into a lifetime, and in so doing, choose the parents who can best facilitate that experience. In light of that, I cannot blame or complain, only appreciate how well they carried out their role, and the experience it provided.
          Many thanks for your empathetic response, Goldie!

        • orchidee

          A fine write Louis. Healing can come I believe - call it emotional healing; healing of the soul; healing of the mind; inner healing; or whatever we may call it. Maybe a combination of one or more of the above.

          • Louis Gibbs

            Healing becomes a lifetime project, 'O'. I sincerely appreciate your sympathetic response!

          • Fay Slimm.

            Reading this makes my heart expand in sympathy for all such young victims dear Louis - - if it was written from experience my wish if for love's gentle healing to bring its peace.

            • Louis Gibbs

              Thank you for your heartfelt sympathy, Fay. I appreciate it and you so much. Peace is a project I am working on in earnest.

            • Tony36

              Well written and expressed

              • Louis Gibbs

                Thanks, Tony!

                • Tony36


                • dusk arising

                  I know this beast well from many inner conversations and failures. Your writing brings many memories to mind.
                  Very good and touching writing, daring to go places within the darkness which haunts some of us.

                  • Louis Gibbs

                    So glad you found it relatable, Dusk! Thanks for the comment.

                  • poelove

                    we call it a beast not because it vicious but also becase it can be tamed..nice write Louis

                    • Louis Gibbs

                      I'm working on it. Thanks for your comment, Poe.

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