WL Schuett


From the threshold of my dreams. 

Deeply dampened by shame ,

clouded by fears . 

Educated , but colloquial be damned 

trying to keep the door cracked open . 


Weeping for a woman 

I did not know 

from a time I am not from . 

Quiet pride and pretty grace 

drenched in the purest sorrow. 

She was righteous among 

the chosen . 


Not a lot of noise as I 

pass through the years . 

Though I feel the Earth’s vibrations. 

I feel the blood of the Earth . 

Clouded by the winds desperate vision 

and the silvery quiet of dawn . 

I am looking for promises 

I need to believe . 


As I exit from my dreams 

through the crack in the door .

Maybe I’m ready to make 

some noise .


  • El_Pretzadente

    "Quiet Pride & Pretty Grace
    Drenched in the Purist Sorrow."

    That's Beautiful.

  • Scrambled Letters

    Time to make some noise. Yes, terrific ending

  • Michael Edwards

    Love the way this is brought together by that last verse - great work Bill

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, may that crack show you the beauty of your dreams.

    Wonderful artwork.

  • FredPeyer

    So well written, and the last stanza says it all!

  • myself and me

    The tree, standing there
    Lonely and lifelessly
    Waiting for Spring to come
    Leaves will filled the branches
    Make it live again

  • Santita

    This is like a life-changing dream. A moment that moves a dormant, pained soul to waken to the light. Your creativity oozes through your word compositions & it always takes my breath away. Absolutely beautiful, my friend.

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