Frank Prem

way poem #13: sorrow and joy (up here in heaven)

oh moon
you must leave
here in heaven
I will wreath myself
in cloud
to hide my weeping


and yet
my moon
when you are gone
up here in heaven I
will shine
in high delight


for though you must go
faded to nothing
and beyond my touch


it’s only a shadow


it is only my shadow
and that too will pass


while I
await you
up here
in heaven





    Thanks FRANK ~ I apologise for this being my first comment on this series ~ but this one caught my imagination !

    "Death doth hide but not divide ~ it is as though the Rose that budded on our Garden Wall has blossomed on the other side !"

    In my short life I have lost Loved Ones ~ Friends & Family ~ but knowing their character I have spiritual assurance that ~ when my time comes ~ I will meet them again in GLORY ! Thanks BRIAN

    • Frank Prem

      No need for apology, Brian. All is good and I'm pleased that the piece here has some meaning for you. I can't ask for a lot more from a poem I've written. Thank you.

    • Michael Edwards

      And a great series it is too.

      • Frank Prem

        Glad you're enjoying them Michael. A few more in this set, maybe a different collection after that.


      • FredPeyer

        The eternal never getting together love story of the moon and the sun!
        Very well written, Frank! I do love the way you write, your structure, actually everything!

        • Frank Prem

          Thank you Fred. It pleases me no end to have you enjoying the work.

        • Laura

          This write made me think of my beloved ones who are no longer with me...especially my dad! He would tell me not to worry or be sad because one day we’ll be together again with all those who have gone before us! A thanksgiving it will be...he’d say! I Will never forget his beautiful words! I enjoyed the read very much because it made me think of the love of my dad! Thank you Frank!


          • Frank Prem

            It's lovely for a piece to have that effect.

            Thank you, Laura.

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