JANUARY ~ A year older ~ 10 degrees colder
FEBRUARY ~ Frozen ice chunkies ~ warn all Brass Monkeys
MARCH ~ Trump Towers ~ Spring Flowers
APRIL ~ Spring Showers ~ Leafy Bowers
MAY ~ Harry & Meghan ~ Wedding of the Decade ~ YES
JUNE ~ Can't come too soon ~ Pop my Balloon !
JULY ~ Half year now gone ~ Swim suit and flippers ON !
AUGUST ~ Come she must ~ Summer gone ~ Autumn come on
SEPTEMBER ~ If I'm still alive ~ Middle aged ~ THIRTY FIVE !
OCTOBER ~ Hope I'm still sober ~ Not too keen on Halloween !
NOVEMBER ~ REMEMBER ~ Thanksgiving ~ Bonfires dying ember
DECEMBER ~ Christmas Cheer ~ Best Month of every Year !
Thanks for visiting ~ Please post a POEM on your Fave Month !

May is my month guess why May?
Yes i celebrate my birth….day.
It is also a good word to start a blessing
May you all be blessed with good health and good lessons
May your life journey be joyful with no stressin'

F E B R U A R Y ~ An Acrostic ~ BRIANSODES
FEBRUARY next in line
Every Winter month is fine
Bitter winds NO Auld Lang Syne
Redeemed by LOVE to make Hearts pine
Upraise your glass to toast St Valentine !
A Month when LOVE can be expressed
Remember who to whom addressed
You & your Lover be impressed
Thanks for reading ~ please post your MONTH ~ BRIAN

My favorite month is December
Because of Christmas if you remember
Though the cold quickly becomes old
On the summer months I am sold
That's why I practice Christmas throughout
the year!
please add another Month for Brian

The ravages of seasons rage
no more in minds of toiling men
with welcome signs of change in clime
their heavy raiment hanging on
the rusting hooks behind the door
now march has come again,
-Michael Edwards-

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