The Fat Girl

I am the fat girl

I am the one the boys pass by

Without even looking my way

For they all want

The small slender girls


I am the fat girl

I get teased

I get laughed at

I get bullied


All they see is the outside

They do not see the person within

Nor have they even tried

I'm sure

If they would

Look past my outer shell

We could be friends


I am the fat girl

The prettier girls

Play mean tricks on me

They make me cry

They hurt me


Physically and emotionally


I am the fat girl

The prettier girls treat me like trash

Something to be thrown out

Something to be wasted

If they got to know me

My personality

My talents

They might find out

We are not that different


I am the fat girl

I wish to be loved

Just like everyone else


I only get hatred

I only get mud thrown in my face


  • orchidee

    A fine write Tony.

    • Tony36

      Thank You

    • Michael Edwards

      Super work Tony

      • Tony36

        Thank you

      • Goldfinch60

        There are many people who are judged from what they look like on the outside, true beauty is from within, you must know them before judging.
        Good, true write.

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