Fay Slimm.

This Chair.



This Chair.


A no-nonsense chair,
it solidly graces the kitchen hearth's corner,
cushioned, prepared for
heavy or lightweights to attempt restoring
peace with sedative-rocks.


Shared so long ago
by differing sizes its seat glows when waxed,
and asthmatically groans
if abused as a neat carpenter once relaxed
parts damaged by knocks.


Honed and embedded
in unfolding life-stories this rocker's motion
evokes old memories
of family hopes well-hidden by moments
that time quietly forgot.


I stroke it and feel
phantom-lives wishing for what would best
realize hoped-for dreams,
and float with them soporifically to invest
more in its hypnotics.


Spectre-folk flicker
in moving-chair depths of chestnut-patina
so if I sit still to hear
secrets will these ghosts breathe in relief
at last as I stop rocking ?


  • Accidental Poet

    Very beautiful Fay. If chairs only had a voice.

  • Michael Edwards

    The stories it could tell - fine work Fay.

  • orchidee

    Looks like the Queen contemplating that chair there Fay, which makes the pic and poem even more interesting!

  • Goldfinch60

    Super write, that chair could tell so many stories.

  • Louis Gibbs

    Ah, that wise old rocker has probably seen more butts than an ashtray. Sorry to sully your fine poem like that, Fay ... I couldn't resist. Cheers.

  • lasergraph

    I loved this, those old chairs are so full of character. My grandfather used to share stories while rocking in one of those and myself a jockey on his knee.

  • FredPeyer

    Fay, your chair and beautiful poem started a bunch of thoughts of what old furniture, walls, houses, could tell us. Maybe the chair stopped rocking, but you, dear Fay, just keep on rocking with your writing!

  • Laura🌻

    My Dear Poetess Fay...
    I enjoyed this write immensely!
    It brought to mind beautiful
    memories of me holding my
    daughter and rocking her to
    sleep! We spent many precious moments in our rocking chair! Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent!📃

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