I lost a dear friend today

who used to greet me when I got home from school

who used to hate baths

who used to cuddle up against me when I held her


I lost a dear friend today

and they don’t know what caused it

One day she stopped eating

and from there she didn’t get better


She went from always squeaking when she saw me

to barely making a noise

From running around her cage

to laying curled up in the corner 


I lost a dear friend today 

everyone said I made the right decision 

when I said I’d rather put her down

Than let her suffer


Mabye she isn’t hurting anymore

but I am

and I miss her

is that selfish?





  • Lorna

    How very beautiful PotsnPans..... Well done.

  • orchidee

    Ooh no, not selfish. We have 2 girl and 2 boy guineas - in separate cages! We have 'replaced' some over the years when sadly they got poorly. you feel for each one.
    A tip maybe - if you get more, maybe have two of the same sex. They don't like being alone.
    Also, they can get poorly very suddenly, then often that's the end, sadly.

    • pots-and-pans

      We tried. We have two guineas, and we got Tammy about a year and a half before Nillie. If they got near each other, Tammy would try to attack her.

    • orchidee

      We had one. It had a skin tumour that they treated. It lived another 18 months before it got too poorly.

    • Michael Edwards

      It's natural to miss a lovely pet - no you're being quire normal - this is a beautifully written and sympathetic piece - you've done your pet proud.

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