Sarah Marie

I am from

I am from
a broken home
two warms homes
is where my blood flows
once living with mom
so far away
then finding my
Sweet Home Alabama
with dad
I am from
all innocence being taken away
from a man with evil plans
I am from
praying he’d never
walk in my room again
I am from
having it happen
over and over
I am from
letting rape define
me as a person
for to many years
I am from
blaming myself
maybe if you
didn’t wear that
maybe you made him
thoughts I had
nine years of age
“God how could this
Happen to me?”
I am from
not telling mom or dad
why depression was so bad
I am from
finally telling dad what happened
so many years ago he simply said
“Do you know what rape is?”
yes I know it’s a part of
but let’s make some things clear
that is not all
I am from
finding a way to ease the pain
I am from
finding a way to let forgiveness
fill my heart
I am from
NOT allowing myself
to be victimized anymore
I am from
trusting God because
he has Not forsaken me
I am from
being lost to being saved
all because of
God and his amazing grace
I am from
finding my dearest friend
the one I know
knows all the trails I have
I am from
learning to love myself
I am from
“How could God do this to me?”
I am from
excepting the fact it makes
me who I am
I am from
Growing to be a woman
I can be proud of
I am from




    WELCOME SARAH ~ Thanks for an excellent first poem in which you open your heart and life to us in a very frank and positive way. The poem pulsates with rhythm making it a compelling read. First let me say I love ALABAMA ~ the people and their laid back and loving attitude ! I drove fro Tampa Florida to MOBILE in coastal Alabama and it was like Paradise ~ What a State to be in. I could only stay a few days but I will be back (I'm from UK).
    You mention many issues in your poem ~ Broken Home and choosing to live with Dad in Alabama ~ loosing your innocence at 9 (horrendous) ~ finding the FAITH to trust in GOD and His amazing Grace ! ~ Learning to love yourself an growing as a Proud Lady from ALABAMA ~ AMEN ! Thinking of you ~ Praying for you ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Sarah Marie

      Thank you that means the world to me!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks SARAH ~ and thanks for being my MPS FRIEND ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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