A noble vegetable
Unlike all the others
Lovely pure and WHITE
I love BOILED ~ cheese sauce
For SUPPER with a nice cool LAGER
Lovely and tasty with a Cauliflower flavour
One of the difficult veggies to grow ~ freeze easy
We often have it for Lunch with the sauce & a crusty roll
Everybody should eat Cauliflower ~ at least once every week
Really nice SOUP made with Cauliflower and plenty of Stilton Cheese !
Please add your own VEGETABLE poem ~ Thanks BRIAN XOX

I love corn it doesn't have that much of
Nutritional value but I love some sweet corn and
Corn on the cob with melted butter or cream of
Corn with the just right amount of sugar my
Grandma made this amazing corn pudding I love
To mix my corn with rice
Corn on the cob wrapped in aluminum foil
Fresh off the grill
Eating with some bbq chicken and baked
Mac and cheese that's just a few things you
Should try it out

So many vegetables I like.
Cauliflower is one.
You can have it in a stir fry or use in sushi yum yum yum! But
I like pumpkin also,
I like yams and Sweet potatoes too!
I simply just love vegetables. I’d eat them all up on you!

‘A sprout? A sprout’ I hear you shout
Oh yes I do enjoy a sprout
Al dente and butter is what’s it’s about
But never let there be a doubt
If over- cooked then count me out.
-Michael Edwards-

Carrots !
So orange, tasty, and crisp.
Raw Carrots dipped in ranch,
So tasty on my lips!
I love many a veggie!
This is true.
But, baby carrots cooked
In butter and brown sugar,
Oh! Lovely carrots, I mostly love you!

EVERYONE should eat them
ESPECIALLY "Leeks in Cheese Sauce"
KINGS & QUEENS love them especially the
SCOTS "Cock a Leekie Soup" Chicken 'n Leeks !
Thanks for tasting ~ please add Your Veggie

Oh! Cool cucumber.
My favorite veggie of summer,
When the days are so very, hot!
You are so nice and. Refreshing!
You really hit the spot!

Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Yum, yum, yum!
Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins,
Pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup,
Throw in a lump of this and a lump of that,
Mix with pumpkin and then let out a
No need to be glum, finish that last crumb!
Yum, yum, yum!

Tomatoes 🍅!
So sweet and juicy.
Great on a sandwich, awesome in salads
Even make a tasty soup.
Wait a minute, you’re not a veggie,
You’re a fruit!


  • Jooles

    As a veggie your poems were a pleasure to read
    I absolutely love every vegetable grown from a seed
    To pick just one gives me frustration
    As I eat them all without hesitation


      Thanks JOULES ~ Thanks for your poem ~ I love growing veggies ~ FRESH (and raw) they taste so much better. I always get my FIVE a DAY (Fruit & VEG) Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@

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