Michael Edwards





A slightness of fortune

a solemn assertation

a sober liberation

in degrees of abstraction.




  • FredPeyer

    First of all Michael, the painting is absolutely gorgeous! Now to the poem: If you think this is bad, I would really like to know how bad, bad, looks like! I love it. So here is my take on it: If your fortune goes down a bit, according to your own statement of opinion, you are free to look at it in the abstract. Which means you have enough money left to live happily ever after! So, how can I criticize that? You have to do a lot better to write something bad! 😉

    • Michael Edwards

      Wow that was a quick response - thanks Fred - and I love the interpretation - of course that's what I meant all along - I think!

      Not quite as planned (divergence of parallels) but there is freedom and all is not lost.

      • FredPeyer

        Sorry, did not look at the title. But here is what the title means:
        the inner product of the operator del and a given vector, which gives a measure of the quantity of flux emanating from any point of the vector field or the rate of loss of mass, heat, etc., from it. Then you have to stick in the parallels somewhere.
        How you relate that to the poem is beyond me. But then, I was never good at math!

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      • Goldfinch60

        As Fred said, that is a great painting, so much to see in it.
        There is much to see in the words as well, words can have much to see in them and strangely have the same effect on me as the painting.

        • Michael Edwards

          I guess they are both abstract and love playing with words - thanks Andy

        • orchidee

          I thought this would be a bit complex, going by the title. The pic and the poems seems to go together. Is that your brain working, in the pic?! Good write Michael.
          Too much thinking now - got headache! heehee.

          • Michael Edwards

            My mind was wandering when I wrote it Orchi - hope it returns soon - thanks dear friend .

          • Louis Gibbs

            Powerful painting ... confounding poem. Both linger in my mind, so each has merit, wouldn't you say? Good work, Michael!

            • Michael Edwards

              Cheers Louis - yes quite obscure but the fact that it's elicited quite a few comment does give hope that it's better than I thought!!

            • WL Schuett

              Wonderful visual the art is top shelf I can see like your poem many images

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