Anthony Stafford

I ask what do you fear

Claustrophobia and confusion
The fear of being lost & trapped
In confined space ~ not just illusion
Potholing I've been lost and really ZAPPED !
Please check my FUSION "What makes you Scared

Destruction by men
who don't seem
to recognise when
by actions extreme
this planet we love
and cherish
through their greed thereof
will perish.
-Michael Edwards-

What I fear is not in a physical form
But that's thing inside you

I fear, my life will come to an end before
All my stories are placed on paper .
Then, no one will ever know who I really
Especially my young son.
I’m also terrified of spiders!
Roller coasters!
And, stomach viruses! LOL

I fear dreamers who don't dream
and writers who don't write
Who work like a machine
Who ignore other's plight
The one's whose heads are full
of helium and pride
The people who stay up
by standing on the side
Demanding more and more
not seeing what's in store
just standing on the shore
all's fair in love and war

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