Sexy you are my beautiful queen 

An hourglass figure you do possess 

Cloaked in a shimmering silver sheen

You are a regal sight I must confess!


There’s a void within you?

Come hither you command

Enticing me to fill that void

I am compelled to answer your demand!


I am ready to inhabit your sacred chamber 

Yes, my queen, I am your bait 

I am ready to fill that empty space

I am ready to embrace my fate!


My shimmering queen 

You are my urn

You are the prize

For whom I burn!


With my precious dust your void is filled!

Once the obsequies are complete

On the Royal Mantle we will sit.

Oh queen of mine, we’re finally asleep!











  • Author: Laura🌻 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 30th, 2018 10:06
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 92
  • User favorite of this poem: AlexHoy.
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  • Michael Edwards

    Great read Laura

  • Laura🌻

    Thank you for the read
    and comment, Michael!
    It took me a while to write
    this one. Very painful
    and difficult...but I needed to!



    D'AMORE FRUSTRADO ? I can understand why it was painful to write ! The ANGST of unavailable LOVE is the worst of all ANGSTS Baci e Abbracci e Amore per Tu SOLO ~ BRIAN XOXOX

    • Laura🌻

      Mio Caro Amico BRIAN...
      Veramente è stato lui il
      This was a difficult write because I wasn’t able to help him!
      I felt his frustration! I felt
      his pain! I hope he’s at
      peace now! I cannot dwell
      on his passing! It has
      become unhealthy! I was
      sinking in a deep depression!
      So unhealthy for me and
      my family! I must move on
      and live in the now!
      Un Abbraccio e Baci ...

    • AlexHoy

      Very good write Laura.

    • Laura🌻

      Thank you for the read,
      the comment, and the
      save as a favorite!

    • Laura🌻

      Your read and your comments are very much appreciated!! Thank you for the save as your favorite!
      The pain is subsidizing!


    • FredPeyer

      Very well written, Laura!
      'I am your bait' made me thing that hopefully she is not fishing, otherwise I would be a worm!

    • Laura🌻

      I appreciate your read
      and comments! Thank you!
      On a lighter note, believe me, you wouldn’t want to beTHAT WORM!!! There’s much more that meets the eye in that writing!


    • Suresh

      My immediate thought was of a male bee, willing to sacrifice himself for the one to be with the Queen bee.

      And then I read your replies and the reason for this poem

    • Neville

      whether lost, or otherwise unobtainable & for whatever reason, it is going to hurt...
      I did enjoy this poem Laura, so why do I feel as though I should be apologising...... Neville

      • Laura🌻

        Interesting and insightful comments!
        Curious to know, if you care to share,...
        “Why do you feel as though” you “should be apologizing”?

        • Neville

          maybe for enjoying a sad poem, presumably based on someones experience of sadness and consternation......


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