What Valentine's Card?

Once more that day of love has come,

That day when cards are exchanged,

When the red roses are given.

The saintly Valentine,

The saint of card shops,

The saint of florists,

When money flows towards them.

But true love is free,

It needs no reminder.

My love for you will always be true,

Will be with you for eternity,

And with these words I say

I forgot to get your card today.



  • orchidee

    A lovely write Gold - you got the card - last line!
    Have a lovely day, cos I won't. I'm putting these black roses into vases for KP now. Oh it's a day of utter misery for me. heehee.
    And did we ever meet Val around 270AD, before his sad but courageous end?

  • Michael Edwards

    Lovely write - and I'm in trouble because I didn't get a card - oh well it's the thought that counts !!

    • Goldfinch60

      Every time Michael, it is the thought that counts.

    • Heather T

      Love that last line, friend! Valentine's Day is cute and all, but I would rather have a low-key token of affection just because it's a Tuesday or something. I feel more "thought of" when he folds the laundry or kisses my forehead unexpectedly.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very true, love is shown by the little things in the relationship.

      • dusk arising

        By 'eck, i do look forward to buying a card and filling it with love and hope. Who'd be a postman on a day like today eh?
        I'm sure your special lady knows shes the most special thing in your life, card or no card, my friend.

        • Goldfinch60

          I sincerely hope so, our live has lasted fir very many years and will last forever.

        • malubotelho

          You forgot the card but did not forgot the love. It is more important

          • Goldfinch60

            Thank you mal it is good to see you back.

          • FredPeyer

            Great writing, Goldie! I guess I am the lucky one. My love does not want a card, does not want any gift. Says why on this day? We can have Valentine's all year long! And she is right, she is my Valentine 24/7/365!

            • Goldfinch60

              It has become a habit and is one the only three dates I need to remember - Valentines Day, Wifes Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary.
              We too have Valentines each day, the last thing we have said to each other for the last 13249 days is 'I love you'

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