I'll Read the Clouds

Write me messages

Won't you?

To the clouds is where I'll look


Scrawl with the puffs of wind

You use as your pen

Shape your initials in the sky


Text me as I walk by looking up

Code me your advice

In the form of dotted lines


Wake me with mackerel scales

And send the weeping rain

With nimbus


Send me a cumulus of your thoughts

And a mare's tail

As a day's goodbye




  • orchidee

    You read those clouds, Lorna? I tried to, but it was a cloudless sky. I wondered why I didn't get very far with it, doh! heehee. A fine write there.

    • Lorna

      It's elusive!

    • Michael Edwards

      A superb write - love every word and into favs - first for a long time.

      • Lorna

        Thank you Michael - very nice compliment!

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, so many do not look up and there are so many great messages in the clouds.

        • Lorna

          I only just read about mackerel scales...... didn't know that one!

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          A great write, Lorna!
          Clouds always fascinated
          me! One of my favorite
          units in our school science
          curriculum to teach seven
          year olds! They were in awe! The names fascinated them! I enjoyed the read very much!


          • Lorna

            Thanks Laura!

          • olivergreenwood19

            This is fantastic great write!

            • Lorna

              Aren't you nice - thank you.......

            • Mottakeenur Rehman

              Great work!

              • Lorna

                Thank you Mottakeenur.............glad you liked.

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